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Juacela Nunes

Motorcyclist Rides to Hospital With Knife in Head

We don’t typically post motorcycle news, but this is pretty amazing stuff.

Warning: this is also the gorriest story we’ve had on here since someone tried to decapitate a motorcyclist in Toronto, Canada.

A Brazilian man with an eleven-inch knife lodged in his head was nonetheless able to ride his motorcycle to the hospital. Juacela Nunes was stabbed at a gathering when somebody lodged an eleven-inch blade in his head. Nunes was in dire need of assistance however the nearest hospital was over 60 miles away. Apparently the only logical thing to do was jump on his motorcycle and begin driving to the hospital with the knife protruding of his skull the whole ride. That’s just about the one legitimate argument for not wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding that might stand up in court.

We don’t know hospitals are run in Brazil, however when you casually stroll in the emergency room and check in with the receptionist with a knife in your head, we hope that you get to jump to the front of the waiting list.

Juacela Nunes X-Ray

Thankfully, the 11″ blade didn’t pierce his eyes or harm his sight so he could see where he was riding… you know, so as to not put himself at any greater danger or anything. So, knife in head Nunes managed to make it to the closest hospital after two hours of riding. While the doctors fastidiously removed the blade from his skull, they found that Nunes had additionally suffered a number of wounds to his chest and throat as a result of the assualt. At the hospital, Nunes told police he doesn’t remember being stabbed (yeah, sure, he “fell on some stairs”, right?). Get this, he also told police that he neither fainted or lost consciousness.

Juacela Nunes is a certifed bad ass. Have we finally found someone able to defeat Chuck Norris? Possibly. Doctors expect Nunes will make a full recovery. As if this man’s story isn’t already over the top, he isn’t expected to have any long term side effects from the assault. His wife calls it a miracle.

Our advice: guys, if you go to a party, and get stabbed in the head, and the chest, and the throat, and have to ride yourself for two hours to the hospital in that condition, it’s time you find some new friends.

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  1. Motorcyclist Rides to Hospital With Knife in Head http://t.co/bYnCfwaYzq via @YouMotorcycle

  2. those knives are pointing in opposite directions.

  3. this is why should always wear a helmet (what a fkn badass btw) http://t.co/zX61v1zZgK

  4. “@maxfuckery: this is why should always wear a helmet (what a fkn badass btw) http://t.co/zqfmsUgNfD” …holee sh*te!

  5. RT @EurekaQLD: Motorcyclist Rides to Hospital With Knife in Head http://t.co/bYnCfwaYzq via @YouMotorcycle

  6. Johnny Nightrider

    If he had a helmet on maybe this would be so bad.Though I believe a Miracle by God thru his Son Jesus took place as he is going to recover 100%.Amen.

  7. Johnny Nightrider

    One more thing.Talk about tough to drive 2 hours to the hospital and they must have put his head in a vise in the operating room to get the knife out.He is very blessed by God.I would go to church and get on my knees and thank God thru his Son Jesus because this is a MIRACLE.

    • Nothing against anyone’s god, there’s what , 2,200 different religions, with every one of them saying theirs is the real god, so in this case I’ll give my props to the medical team who saved him and full respect of their years of study.

  8. Motorcyclist Rides to Hospital With Knife in Head http://t.co/bZ9S8b5XAF via @YouMotorcycle

  9. I think not the same 2 knives. Not so much about the 2 vs 3 studs as the Xray photo looks as if it is cut off. Check out the blade vs wooden handle ratio. The shape of the wooden handle appears different at the base of the knife.

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