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naked kawasaki ninja 250 streetfighter

Naked Kawasaki Ninja 250R Streetfighter

Naked Kawasaki Ninja 250R StreetfighterYesterday CMGOnline mentioned a rumor about Kawasaki planning a naked Kawasaki Ninja 250R or naked Kawasaki Ninja 300R… My own thoughts? I’m thinking more downscaled ER6n… turned ER250C, as the prototype model name on tmcblog seems to suggest.

Are they real? Who knows. The public is definitely seeking more of a naked, streetfighter look. The morning after a night of philandering downtown I found a a visitor parked next to my Suzuki Boulevard M50 on Front St. in downtown Toronto. See pics below.

naked kawasaki ninja 250 streetfighter

naked kawasaki ninja 250 streetfighter

Finally here’s a shot of the supposedly leaked prototype of what could be Kawasaki’s next small displacement motorcycle. The question is that with the launch of a Kawasaki Ninja 300R set to replace the 250R in many international markets, is Kawasaki really looking to fill a 250cc void, or is Kawasaki moving out of the displacement size altogether?

prototype kawasaki er250c naked streetfighter

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  1. Haha that’s my 250 there

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