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Niagara Falls Motorcycle Trip

Niagara FallsWith a combined 375cc split between two motorcycles, Adrian and Ashley ride their little bikes to Niagara Falls for all kinds of silliness in the city of big water.

parked motorcycles

Our plan was simple: Travel from Toronto to Niagara Falls on the bikes, taking no highways. We travelled along Lakeshore / HWY 2, eventually arriving at HWY 20 / Lundy’s Lane. With all of the breaks we took, as well as time spent waiting for boats to cross our lift-bridge, it took us over 3 hours to make it to Niagara Falls. We didn’t have any real issues along the way however.

We arrived on Victoria Day, May 24, 2010. We hoped to watch the fireworks over the falls, but weren’t very successful, so we enjoyed watching the lights on the water and went for a motorcycle ride by the falls, an experience similar to riding through a wall of mist.

Casino Niagara, Niagara FallsThat same night we hit up the Casino. It was interesting seeing people still streaming into the casino well after midnight. The five dollars Adri won were soon spent on food: the Niagara Falls strip has kitchens open late, even on a holiday Monday.

Our suite wasn’t great but it was cozy and when we thought we’d return for some well-deserved rest we found a message from Andrew saying he was on his way over Toronto. We hung out until the crack of dawn, then Andrew left for the Casino and we went to sleep. We would be woken up by the neighbour’s room a few hours later, but at least Andrew won $250! Nice!

Burger King and FrankensteinEverything was over the top. Even the Burger King featured a giant Frankenstein’s monster having a burger. We enjoyedLotus Garden, a Chinese food restaurant by Rock Legends Wax Museum and the Days Inn Hotel on Center St. Lunch specials were only $4.99 and dinners were $6.99, ready quickly. Adri asked for a beer and got carded, but we forgave them as the food was great as was the price. Check it out here.



The American Falls

Day 2: We took advantage of pancake breakfast, and the swimming pool. The Maid in the Mist, a boat ride into (and under) the Falls was our goal for the day. The tickets were just under $15 per person and were easily the best dollars we spent on our 3-day visit. The feeling of the force of the Falls coming down all around you was incredible. If you’re ever in Niagara do not miss out on the opportunity to do this. You will get soaked, and love it.

We left the Maid of the Mist in awe. It was one of those things you don’t soon forget. Then it was time to have a little fun and hit up Clifton Hill and the Wax Museums. Lucky for us we were there on a Tuesday and it seemed most of the tourists had left. In fact, in the mornings and evenings, we seemed to be the only people around.


Below are some of our pictures from the Wax Museums and around Niagara Falls. We had a lot of fun on our little 3-Day adventure. Ashley even briefly tried the highway on the way back home. As always, we made good use of our Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headsets and Garmin Nuvi GPS.

Have you been to Niagara Falls? Have some favourite riding roads in the area you’d like to share with us? Please leave a comment!


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