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notte sento scooter couple rome

Notte Sento: Rome Scooter Ride Short Film

notte sento scooter romeNotte Sento. That’s italian. Literally it means something like “Night Feeling”, but in this case it’s a bit of an Italian play on words as Notte Sento sounds a bit like Non Ti Sento, or “I Can’t Hear You.” This video is the story of a beautiful deaf/mute girl who’s train to Milan is cancelled so she must spend the night in Rome. In true italian fashion, she meets a boy. Actually, he’s much more than just a boy, he’s a rider, and the two of them begin their scooter ride across Rome overnight adventure.

This is a must see, even for the manliest of manly men, and the most sentimental alike. Check it out. You’re guaranteed to want to ride a scooter or motorcycle through Rome at any moment.

notte sento scooter couple rome

Ok, so the scooter isn’t exactly a key feature of this feel-good video, but it’s still there. Consider this an early Valentine’s Day video that even the manliest of he-men will appreciate, and send to their wives, mistresses, significant others, and insignificant others alike.

What makes this video particularly cool, is that it’s shot with a Canon 30D D-SLR. That’s not a video recorder, that’s a digital camera. The film is actually made from over 4,500 images shot on a digital camera. Enough talk already, check it out!

Adrian S.

UPDATE: If after watching this, you’re interested in seeing how stop-animation could be used with motorcycle short films, check out this video on a Kawasaki dirt bike engine that rebuilds itself.

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