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Goldie GTAM

November YouMotorcycle Contests Updates

Contest WinnerThose who were pay attention may have noticed a lot of freebies being waved around the YouMotorcycle HQ this past month.
Here’s a little update on the $40 Jafrum giveaway, and the $100 giveaway contest.

First announced, and still running, is the Your Best Motorcycle Story $100 Giveaway Contest. You have until the end of November to enter to win so send in your best story right now. Don’t mess around. Quit stalling. Just do it.

Later on, I announced that Jafrum.com donated an awesome $40 giftcard so you can buy your next motorcycle gear from them. Lucky you! You were invited to enter by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and the same with bikerMetric visitors. Time to announce the winner!

The October 2012 $40 Jafrum Giftcard Winner is… *drum roll*



She rides a 2011 Suzuki GSX-R 750.
She’s a motorcycle instructor for Learning Curves.
She’s part of the WROAR Committee (Women Ride Out Against Rape).
She’s dabbed in other forms of riding, not just street, the Golden Girl has taken it to the track and gone off road riding.
She’s participated inCanada’s first Gymkhana competition with Honda in 2012.
When she’s not riding her bike… Sorry Goldie, we don’t care what you do when you aren’t riding your bike.

Goldie GTAM

Just kidding. When she’s not riding her bike, Goldie likes to go ghost hunting with friends and she also likes dessert meet ups. YouMotorcycle‘s advice: Do not follow Goldie on FourSquare. She has so many check ins that she’ll leave your head spinning.

Ride safe everyone, and remember, just because you’ve lost this contest, doesn’t mean you’ll lose the Your Best Motorcycle Story $100 Giveaway Contest, just send in your best, original motorcycle story to win!

Story by Adrian S.

About Adrian

Adrian is the YouMotorcycle Editor. He never planned on becoming a blogger, but liked the idea of sharing his passion and encouraging others to get out and ride. He believes that anyone thinking about buying a motorcycle should hurry up and buy one, and that everyone who already owns a motorcycles should ride more. He likes V-Twins, scooters, and breaking social norms. He occasionally wears a suit and high-top sneakers when he rides to work. Sometimes he takes out his tools and everything goes from bad to worse. Sometimes everything just falls into his lap. Whatever the case he stays grateful and always tries to learn. If you feel motorcycling is a lifestyle, follow him via social media.

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