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One for the Haters

WARNING: Haters LurkingSome say advertisements have no place in a motorcycle blog. They say ads make a website “for-profit” and therefor inherently evil. I admire the critics who speak openly and honestly. There’s another group who hide behind annonymous flagging, and I simply call them the Haters.

Guess what, Haters?
This one’s for you!

HatersEver noticed how some people in life just seem to have really nice stuff, like cool motorcycles, great jobs, synthetic oils, beautiful significant others (and/or beautiful insignificant others), meanwhile you have none of that? That’s because you’re a Hater, and the difference between you and them, is work, and this site takes lots of it, every single week.

At the end of each month I earn just over $30 from the ads that Haters complain about. It works out to $400/year. When I subtract my hosting and domain costs ($65) and divide by over 200 hours of work, I’m making less than $1.75 per hour of work. Haters rejoice: even your dead-end job pays better!

I understand that Haters would rather motorcycle stories and info not be shared on a site with ads. I just hope they realize I’m not trying to make a quick buck peddling cheap products to motorcyclists. That’s Torch’s gig.

I have a career in the motorcycle industry. I bartend every Saturday night. My BikerPup is a high maintenance monster. I. Work. My. Butt. Off. Could a representative of the Haters please explain why I shouldn’t be able to enjoy something like this in my mailbox? If it’s because you’re jealous, maybe you should work for it!

adsense check

All money from the site goes back into the site:
I picked up a ContourHD on clearance in order to share some video content this coming season!

See that big Thank YOU? It’s not for the Haters, it’s for the other motorcyclists out there: The ones who don’t sit around flagging everything all day because they’re out riding, or working, or doing something with their lives; The ones who don’t give a damn about whether or not a site has ads because they just want to see some cool motorcycle related pages, be entertained, and maybe even learn something; The ones who love their motorcycles, share with likeminded friends, and will click an ad if they happen to be interested. I call this group “the Supporters”, and I wish them many happy rides and many safe returns.

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