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Packing up the Jeep

Operation Beach Bums – The Ride That Wasn’t

You, a 2015 touring motorcycle, sunshine, the beach, and a friend in her bikini. Life could be a lot worse, right? When’s the last time life ever went according to plan?

The forecast was calling for warm weather and clear skies, which can only mean good times on the Georgian Bay. I had a 2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B Bagger to test ride from Honda Canada. My friend Coco was only working a half day on Tuesday, and had all of Wednesday off. It was the perfect opportunity for Operation Beach Bums – two days living the bike, beach, beer, and bathing suit/bikini life along the east side of Georgian Bay.

Our biggest concerns in life were deciding how to fit all of our beach and camping gear on the Bagger, and if we were going to pack chicken sandwiches, or veal sandwiches. Then it got very dark very quickly. The weatherman woke up suddenly and he emphatically denied ever having called for sunshine. Between the borrowed unit from Honda, and my own three bikes, we had four bikes for two people when the storm alert came in. It quickly became clear that this may not be a night for riding.

Packing up the Jeep

With sadness and fiery resentment (**** you, weatherman!), we unpacked the F6B, and packed up my Jeep.

The upside to traveling by Jeep was that we could bring all of our camping gear with us, including an air mattress that fits inside of the Jeep because my Patriot’s rear seats fold flat.

Oh, and the other upside to traveling by Jeep was that when the storm did hit, we were ready.

We pulled over off of Highway 400 somewhere north of Toronto and south of Georgian Bay. It was a generic non-descript truckstop save for the fact that it was getting slammed with 90-degree sideways rain so badly even the working girls had taken the evening off and found somewhere to cozy up.

I had never been there before, but I imagine that the rain helped clean up the place a little bit. How classy was it? It was this classy.

Truck Stop Hooker

We checked the radar and the weather forecast and discovered that the east side of Georgian Bay was going to be a mess, but everything was looking good on the west side. It would be cool, but dry. Coco threw her beach bag to the back seat, her bikini symbolically fell out to the floor. Operation Beach Bums would be a total bust: no bikes, no beaches, and no bikinis. All we had left was beer and each other.

Well, as the saying goes, where there’s beer, there’s a will, and where there’s a will, there’s a way. Tomorrow I’ll write about “Outdoorsy, Adventurous, Dangerous!” Those three words became our sarcasm-drenched war cry. We would be damned if we weren’t going to make the best of the next two days. One way or another, we were hell-bent on getting our happy ending!

Click the pic for part two.

To Be Continued...


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  2. It was the Harley God’s will, packing 2 up with a full load, on a strange new motor, bad idea !

  3. Man plans. God laughs.

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