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Petition to Open HOV Lanes to Motorcyclists

In 2009, around 1,600 motorcyclists were injured in traffic accidents in the province of Ontario. These numbers had been fairly consistent for years according to the Toronto Star. A new petition is out to help keep Ontario motorcyclists safer, by allowing motorcyclists to travel in the HOV lanes throughout the province.

Currently, municipalities can elect to have HOV lanes open to motorcyclists, and some, like Toronto, choose to do this. I just can’t think of any other cities in the province that are as progressive.

Please read the announcement, and sign.

Ontario is the only jurisdiction in the world that does not allow single-rider motorcycles in its High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. This is wrong, because:

1 – If you are encouraged to ride your motorcycle to work, it leaves your larger car/SUV at home, helping ease downtown congestion;

2 – Motorcycles take very little space on the road compared to cars, so they would not negatively affect the HOV lanes;

3 – It makes commuting better for the many Ontarians who ride motorcycles, but cannot car-pool for logistical reasons;

4 – It is safer for a motorcyclist to ride in a lane that is bordered by a crash barrier, rather than another open lane, to maintain a blocking position and protect from other traffic moving into the lane and cutting off the bike.

We want the law changed to bring it into line with every other operator of HOV lanes in the world, to ease urban congestion by allowing motorcyclists to use Ontario’s HOV lanes regardless of the number of people on the motorcycle.

Please click here to sign the petition and help to make roads safer for Ontario motorcyclists.

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  1. The link to the petition does not seem to work. Thanks

  2. RT @MotorcycleZone: Petition to Open HOV Lanes to Motorcyclists http://t.co/lzPbpJE9Lo

  3. Letting bikes use the HOV lanes is a no-brainer. There are no negatives. However, once we are let in, as bikers we have an obligation to not clog them. Every once in awhile I see a pile of cars backed up behind an HOV lane riding biker traveling at or below the speed limit. Regardless of your speed, if you have cars stacked up behind you, get out of the lane, let them go by and return to the lane when it is safe to do so. Better yet, stay up with he cars in front of you.

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