Honda CBR500R / CB500F / CB500X Chain and Sprocket Set


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Need a chain and sprocket set for your 500cc Honda?

We’ve got complete chain and sprocket sets for your Honda CBR500R, Honda CB500F and Honda CB500X.

  • Yes, this chain and sprocket set will also work for A-models (models with ABS)
  • Yes, if you want to modify your gear ratio by going up or down tooth / teeth on your front sprocket or rear sprocket we can help you with that as well
  • Yes, this is the chain and sprocket set you’re looking for

About our sprockets

Wondering about our sprockets for your Honda CBR500R / Honda CB500F / Honda CB500X? Don’t worry. Our sprockets are made by Sunstar, they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of OEM sprockets and brake rotors.

The odds are pretty good that your motorcycle’s stock sprockets may have come the Sunstar factory.

Note: Sprocket pictured may not be exactly as delivered, as sprockets will be vehicle specific, and this picture may not be.


  • Made from chromoly steel for the ultimate in strength and durability
  • “Parkerizing” surface treatment for rust and corrosion resistance
  • The excellent OE quality that comes from the SUNSTAR brand

About our chain

We have two chain options available. Both are quite good. We sell nothing less than an O-Ring chain, as O-Rings will last 8x longer than non O-Ring chains. We also offer an X-Ring chain, as these last 1.5x longer than even O-Ring chains do.

O-Ring Chain

  • Provides 8x more life than non O Ring chain
  • Quad pin riveting, solid bushings and rollers, with tough O ring seals
  • Shot-peened and pre-stretched
  • Recommended for motorcycles originally equipped with O ring chains
  • Chain includes clip connecting link
  • Made in Japan

X-Ring Chain

  • Provides 1.5x longer wear life than an O-Ring chain, and 12x longer wear life than a standard chain
  • Lower friction loss
  • Quad-pin riveting, solid bushings and rollers
  • Shot-peened and pre-stretched
  • Quality and durability at an affordable price
  • Chain includes clip connecting link
  • Made in Japan




Additional information

Chain Type

O-Ring, X-Ring