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Lombok - Pink Beach

Jacob and Vania vs The Rain of Lombok, Indonesia

In his latest adventure, Jacob Laukitis, traveler of over 50 different countries got soaked on motorcycle ride in Indonesia. On this particular ride, well, things were less than perfect. Jacob and his friend got hit with “crazy rain” – but it was worth it. We share his entertaining ride video and sat down together for a few words on this latest adventure.


YouMotorcycle: What are your recommendations for people who would love to do a trip like this, but don’t know anyone or where to start?

Jacob: If you go there with your passport, you won’t have any problems renting a motorbike or a scooter. Apparently they’ve had quite a few of their bikes stolen by foreigners and that’s why they won’t allow you to rent one without giving them your passport (which makes sense).

Lombok mountains

YouMotorcycle: And it’s relatively cheap, right?

Jacob: Scooters will be $5-7 a day and dirt bikes will be around $15 a day. I’d suggest starting in this touristy surf town of Kuta and going up North via the East coast to the very north (not too far from Rinjani). There are tons of wonderful places to visit on the way – you can look ’em up in advance or just stop once you see a sign that attracts you.

Lombok waterfalls

YouMotorcycle: How much of your accommodations do you make beforehand vs. on arrival?

Jacob: None. I literally went to Kuta and found an accommodation on the spot. People will always be offering different options and since I stayed there for a week, I got a really good price (since most people stay for a few days and move on).


YouMotorcycle: Who’s your pretty co-star? What’s her story?

Jacob: That’s Vania. She’s born and raised in Lombok and enjoys traveling as much as I do. She also makes some cool pictures on her Instagram.

YouMotorcycle: Any recommendation for those who don’t have friends on arrival in new places?

Jacob: In every place in Indonesia you don’t even need a passport to rent a motorbike (Lombok was the only exception). However, if you do have your passport with you, there won’t be any problems with renting any bike you like (no one cares about your driver license either).

Lombok motorcycle ride

YouMotorcycle: How do you go about sourcing the music for your videos?

Jacob: I have agreements with some musicians on SoundCloud that let me use their music or search for free songs on the YouTube Music Library. They’re not the best quality, but they’re free, so I can’t complain. I use to buy songs for my videos for $20-65 per son, but that just doesn’t make any sense…

YouMotorcycle: You’re very bad at the swings. I’m very bad at the swings too. Do you think that there is hope for men like us?

Jacob: HAHA! Yes! Hope dies last! :)

Jacob Laukaitis *JACOB LAUKAITIS* Check out all of our posts on Jacob Laukaitis right here.

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  1. Looks like a cool trip Jacob. I was checking out your YouTube channel, and even more cool trips!

    Are there any local trail riders that will take you on the local trails?


  2. Looks like an awesome trip. i’d love to do something like this someday. Keep doing what you do!

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