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brembo motorcycle brake pad recall

Recall on Brembo Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brembo is the market leader for high performance motorcycle brake pads, including making the brakes and brake pads for MotoGP riders, but this week the company announced a recall that’s affecting thousands of motorcycles.

The recall was issued on Brembo’s BRM10B brake pads, and will effect over 3,600 Triumph motorcycles in the United States alone, as well as motorcycles from other manufacturers that take BRM10B brake pads.

In this case, Brembo’s pads are having an issue with the friction material in the pad separating from the brake pad’s backing plate.

The problem is explained to be due to an issue with the nickel used in the pads is making the compound become porous, that in turn is leaving space for moisture to creep in, which is affecting braking performance. Moisture getting in is also leading to corrosion which could cause brake pad friction material to separate from the backing plate, which would render your brakes pretty useless.

It’s also worth noting that brake failure is more likely when used in a corrosive environment, so if you aren’t sure what kind of Brembo brake pads you’re running, but live close to an ocean, or your bike sees a lot of rain or humidity, you should probably look into this quickly.

In the case of Triumph, it seems that models made between 2018 and 2020 are effected and Triumph will be contacting registered owners of the vehicles.

It’s interesting to note that Ducati is also recalling Ducati 1299 Superleggera owners as their vehicles will be effected as well, whereas over in Europe, no recalls have been issued yet to date.

How do we make sure all motorcyclists with BRM10B brakes find out that they could be at risk?

The problem with recalls is they are a lengthy process, tied up with a lot of bureaucracy and financial calculations by manufacturers at their head offices and international offices. Sadly, between when the brake pads were made (late 2017 for 2018 models), and the first recalls were issued (May 2020), and when the recalls finally take place (Summer 2020, hopefully), a lot of motorcycles are at risk.

To make matters worse, not every motorcyclist affected receives their recall notices: Some no longer live at those registered addresses, some have switched parts and now have BRM10B brake pads on other bikes, some get lost in the mail, etc.

So how do we make sure motorcyclists find out whether or not their motorcycles are affected and stay safe sooner? Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit http://moto.brembo.com/en Brembo’s motorcycle brake pad configurator page and click on “Click, configure, select!” It will open a side bar menu where you can enter your year make and model of motorcycle, and the site will tell you what brake pads your vehicle takes.
    UPDATE: Brembo’s website no longer seems to be showing the BRM10B. Instead of going there you should contact your dealership or wherever you purchased brake pads from if you’ve bought pads in the last two years.
  2. Share this article with your friends in case they’ve bought Brembo motorcycle brake pads in the last two years and may be affected.

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