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Motorcycle Helmets on the Runway

Runway Models in Helmets

The 30th edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid ran from February 6th to February 11th, 2015. According to the experts:

The Spanish capital wore its winter style well during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, where the response to near-freezing temperatures was a quirky array of fur jackets, vests and biker looks.

Black was the color of choice for leather pants, stretch jeans, leggings and even short girly skirts that revealed bare legs.

Well la di da.

Motorcycle Helmet Runway Model

The only reason we’re telling you is because fashionista Maya Hansen did something a little different.

According to our press release from NZI Helmets:

Maya Hansen, a designer of the most promising and one the most solid of the Spanish fashion industry, proposes a new clothing line for women bikers of XXI century.

We’ve never seen motorcycle helmets at a fashion show runway before, have you?

Motorcycle Helmet Runway Model 2

Motorcycle Helmet Runway Model 3

Motorcycle Helmet Runway Model 4

Motorcycle Helmet Runway Model 5

Motorcycle Helmet Runway Model 6

In a more recent link between fashion and motorcycling, this year Christian Dior has partnered with iconic Italian brand Vespa to create a special edition Christian Dior Vespa.

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  3. Think your helmet isn’t stylish? Think again! Va Va Vroom!

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