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Sex as a Motorcycle Ride

Sex as a Motorcycle Ride

Motorcyclists stand out. Whatever your age, ethnicity, gender, or even sexual orientation, there’s always something provocative about a good looking motorcycle and a good looking motorcyclist. Where does the attraction come from? Is it the dare-devil aspect of motorcycling? Is it the typical motorcyclist Type-A personality?  Is it the extra encouragement to go wild that having all of that power between your legs can give you?

There are plenty of theories out there as to what motorcyclists attractive. There’s even a case for argument for the carnal attraction to the motorcycles themselves. Many motorcycles when looked at from above the rear brake light hold the same hourglass figure as a woman. The hourglass figure, or shapely hips, are linked to fertility and overall health in women. Despite thousands of years of evolution man still hasn’t lost sight of certain primeval instincts.

So if we could take those lewd animal instincts and apply them to riding… what would sex be like as a motorcycle ride?

Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow - stages of a four stroke engineWell, the four strokes found in your motorcycle engine are intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Motorcyclists and other auto enthusiasts of healthy libido, simply refer to the four strokes as suck, squeeze, bang, and blow. We all know single cylinder motorcycles are called thumpers, and motorcycles without fairings are called naked, but that doesn’t put us any closer to answer the question.

What would sex be like as a motorcycle ride? Moreover, with so many types of motorcycles, would it not change depending on, uh, what you were riding? Our Russian friends at vshleme decided to answer that question. This video is safe for work as the models are fully dressed (and even wearing protective gear) – although you might still prefer to watch it at home with the accompanying audio.

The video looks at several ride styles including sportbike, cruiser, off road, and touring.

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  1. Awesome. Makes me think I should’ve gotten into dirt bikes, though…

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