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Snowstorm Motorcycle Ride on the World’s Highest Road

Bali, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We’ve been following Jacob Laukitis and his motorcycle rides all over the world. This time, Jacob’s set off against the himalayas, when an unplanned snowfall rolls through. ‘Cause you know, the ride wasn’t hard enough…

We touched base with Jacob for a few questions. Check it out and then watch the video!


YouMotorcycle: Hey Jacob, how long were you traveling in India?

Jacob: This trip happened in June, 2017, so I left India a long time ago. However, I’ve been in India twice, one month each.

YouMotorcycle: Like your riding buddy, I ran into some, uh, stomach problems, on my last trip too. Are you taking anything to avoid uncomfortable situations when you go rides like these?

Jacob: Haha, great question! We just had a lot of toilet paper stacked on our bikes and that was good enough for that trip. I guess we could have also taken some precautionary medicine, but it seems like most foreigners who go to India end up facing the uncomfortable bathroom situations sooner or later!

YouMotorcycle: What bike were you on? Is that a Royal Enfield?

Jacob: Yes! Definitely the best bike to ride around India. We faced so many obstacles and terribly roads along the way and had absolutely no problems with those bikes.

YouMotorcycle: Does your strategy with the sheep reflect how you approach dating? How ’bout the results?

Jacob: Hahaha! Love these questions! This strategy was used specifically for making friends with the sheep and, apparently, didn’t work out too well.

YouMotorcycle: At some point, were you thinking, “I’m riding over snow covered roads, in the snow, on the side of the Himalayas. Screw this, I’m going home”?

Jacob: Definitely not. All I was thinking about was: “I’m riding over snow covered roads, in the snow, on the side of the Himalayas. This is THE COOLEST TRIP EVER!”

Snowstorm Motorcycle Ride on the World's Highest Road

“Coolest” trip ever. I see what you did there. Ride safe, Jacob!

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