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Sportster Coils and Ignition Relocation

Sportster Coils and Ignition Relocation Fail

I tried to do a Sportster ignition and coils relocation and failed. Here’s what I tried and learned, and what I should have done.

Do Not Buy DS-390077 – Buy This Instead

A little while back I did a great 2″ tank lift modification on my 1998 Harley-Davidson Sporstster 1200S. The tank looks really sharp in it’s more aggressive angle, but I wanted to relocate the ignition switch and coils to really make it pop.

I purchased the cheapest ignition and coil relocation kit I could find, Drag Specialties DS-390077 Bracket Kit to Relocate Ignition Switch 82-99 XL, thinking that would get the job done. Here’s what happened…

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What are coils?

Let’s start with the basics. For those who don’t know, coils are the part that sends a spark to your cylinders. Harley-Davidsons have single fire coils, and dual fire coils. Single fire coils spark only the cylinder that’s on the compression stroke. Dual fire coils spark both cylinders at the same time.

Why do people relocate Sporster coils and ignition switch?

People like to relocate their Sportster ignition switch and coils for a few reasons:

1. Aesthetics. This is mainly an aesthetic thing. When paired with a 2″ tank lift, relocating ignition switch and coils is a great way of making the front part of your Harley-Davidson Sporster look really sharp. See pic.

2. Better cooling. Some companies claim that their ignition switch and coils relocation kits (like this one I recommend by JBSporty) helps with vehicle performance by allowing more cool air to pass over the front cylinder, and more hot air to escape from it.

Sportster Ignition Switch and Coils Relocation with Tank Lift

Why doesn’t DS-390077 work?

It turns out, Drag Specialties DS-390077 is designed to work WITH either of these two other Drag Specialties parts:

DS-391351 Extended Smooth-Top Quickbob® Rubber-Mount Gas Tank $394.95
DS-391352 Extended Smooth-Top Single-Cap Quickbob® Rubber-Mount Gas Tank $394.95

These are both brand new gas tanks. They work WITH Drag Specialties DS-390077 Bracket Kit to Relocate Ignition Switch 82-99 XL, BUT, the DS-390077 piece is not able to work on it’s own.

To be clear, DS-390077 is not a standalone ignition switch and coils relocation kit. It must be used with either of those two new gas tanks or else it is useless.

What Sportster ignition and coils relocation kit should I get instead?

Spend a little more money and get an ignition and coils relocation kit that actually works and comes with all of the right parts. I strongly recommend this one by JBSporty. Here’s why:

1. It has a bracket. If you watched my video, you saw that the reason why my kit did not work was because I didn’t have a new bracket. You need a bracket designed to accommodate not only the ignition switch and the coils, but also designed to work around your horn. This will do that for Sportsters from 2007 and up.

2. It comes with shorter spark plug wires. You can buy just the bracket for $45 if you’re on a budget, which is a great deal, but your spark plug cables from the coils might be too long and look kind of messy. For $32 more you can get the JBSporty kit that comes with wires that are shorter for a much better look and fit.

Sportster Ignition Switch and Coils Relocation Before and After

Unrelated Note

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So that didn’t work so well, but luckily, our oil and filter change on a Sportster went just fine. Click the link for how to do that.

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