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5 Motorcyclists Travel North Korea

North Korean Motorcycle Diaries

For the past decade, Joanne and Gareth Morgan, two semiretired motorcyclists from New Zealand have been living the lifestyle of their dreams. They've probably been living the lifestyle of your dreams, too. They've been traveling the world on motorcyclists with their closest friends, and have ridden across all seven continents. Are you jealous? You will be. Some of their routes included Venice to Beijing, Florida to Alaska, and South Africa to the United Kingdom.

Their latest expedition was across North and South Korea. This was the first ever journey across Korea in almost 70 years since the Korean peninsula's division after World War II. The North Korean travel was choreographed, the riders had certain equipment confiscated, however they were pleased with the North Korean hospitality and help they received as they traveled through mountainous terrain and sacred lands.

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