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2013 Motorcycle Film Festival

The 2013 Motorcycle Film Festival Winners

We completely missed the ball on the Motorcycle Film Festival, and not for lack of press either. Brooklyn is an 8 hour ride from Toronto, I might just have made a weekend trip out of it! Alas it was not to be.

At any rate, the Motorcycle Film Festival (or MMF, which also stands for Must’ve been F***in’ Fun – for those who made it) couldn’t have come at a better time. Motorcycle videos are at a height we haven’t seen since the 1970s, and these days the stars are the riders themselves. Regular folks like you and me, but I’ll get to that later.

For now here are the winners from the first annual / first ever Motorcycle Film Festival, along with some video trailers.

2013 Motorcycle Film Festival - Winner Short Film


Director, Truen Pence
Producer, Davis Priestley
Editor, Kyle Stebbins
Cinematographer, Greg P Schmitt
Sound Design and Mix, Michael Bard, CAS
Original Music by Brian L Hall

Does this sound familiar? It should. YouMotorcycle featured The Build film back in April. We knew they were on to something. Back in April we wrote:

The Build Film. It set out to explore the culture of motorcycle building. The film crew met with motorcycle builders in Portland, Oregon. “There was pointing, laughing, and some improvisation, but no compromises.”

Watch it here:


2013 Motorcycle Film Festival - Winner Feature DocumentaryFEATURE DOCUMENTARY WINNER: WHY WE RIDE
Directed by: Bryan H. Carroll
Produced by: James Walker, p.g.a., Bryan H. Carroll, p.g.a.
Written by: Chris Hampel
Story by: Chris Hampel, Bryan H. Carroll, James Walker
Directors of Photography: Andrew Waruszewski, Douglas Cheney
Edited by: Ryan Wise, David Blackburn
Music by: Steven Gutheinz
Music Supervisor: Vicki Hiatt
Co-Producer: Chris Hampel
Associate Producer: Greg Gerlich
Executive Producer: Walter Zuck

I have to admit. I read the title of this video and thought, well, that sounds a little lame. Then I watched the trailer of the video, and it made my eye water. Just the damn trailer. For the record, I wouldn’t have named it anything else. This is one I’d really like to see in full.

Here’s a preview:


Directed and written by Damon and Eric Ristau
Producers: Eric Ristau, Damon Ristau, Andrew Rizzo
Associate Producers: Josh Moceri, Katy Jensen, Gregory Collett and Loni Workman
Director of Photography: Eric Ristau
Edited by Eric Ristau, Damon Ristau
Starring: Andrew Rizzo, David Ackroyd, Lee Rizzo, Gregory Collett, Walt Hefner

Keep in mind I haven’t watched this one either, but here’s my take:
One man sets out with not much but his laptop and a motorcycle on a journey. His quest is to ride all over and review all of the bars and taverns in the west. All of them. What’s the worst that could happen?

There’s probably a lot more to it than that, considering the film won both the Feature Narrative and the Best of Festival award. Watch the trailer and draw your own conclusions:



Filmmaker: Brian Darwas
Producer: Jennifer Carchietta
Starring: Jon Szalay

“What’s the worst that could happen?” is a recurring theme in motorcycling. 50 riders started a two week journey to ride across the United States. The one caveat, the ride must be done on antique motorcycles built before 1930!

If the wise man knows himself to be a fool, I’m wise enough to know I am far too foolish to take on a ride so ambitious. Which isn’t to say I don’t dream I had both a bike to do it on, and the technical savvy to keep an old bike running for hundreds of miles every day for weeks. These riders deserve an applause.

Here’s a little teaser trailer:


We have nothing to do with the Motorcycle Film Festival, though we wish we had been there. This last prize is a personal interest award from me and not from the festival.
There was one movie that I didn’t see in the winners list but that I felt deserved some kind of recognition… It was the story of a female tech. teacher who leaves her controlling fiance, cashes in on her wedding dress, and buys a motorcycle. Not just any bike either. She picks up a beautiful 1991 Moto Guzzi 1000S. She learns to ride, and before long departs on her first “long” trip. Motorcycle philandering ensues.

There are so many elements at play that ring a sense of familiarity here. Maybe it’s having had birthday dinner with MISSRIDER, the North and Central America conquering school teacher from Massachusetts. Maybe it’s the school teacher that I know who’s flirted with the idea of getting a motorcycle, and all of the things I think it could do for her self-esteem. Maybe it’s the simple fact that everyone in the trailer actually looks like every day real life motorcyclists, and not drawn up or over-the-top. These people could be my friends. They’re normal. They’re real. Maybe it’s the element of escapism that motorcycles bond with so well. The act of running away from responsibilities, pressures, social norms, and the rest of the bull**** we call “life”.

I’ve taken that trip. I’ve got on my bike and rode away from it all. I’ve met some amazing people along the way. I’ve seen many female riders coming up. I’ve watched as they struggled to determine which men were trying to help them develop themselves as strong confident riders, and which men wanted to keep them dependent. If the film does as good of a job capturing all of those sentiments as the trailer leads me to believe it, than Girl Meets Bike is probably a great flick.

Watch and see:

Oh, and the winners from the 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival are here.

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