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Motorcycle Film Festival

The 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Winners

Two years ago we covered the results of the first Motorcycle Film Festival from Brooklyn, New York. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Motorcycle videos are at a height we haven’t seen since the 1970s, and these days the stars are the riders themselves.

The 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Winners are:

Out of Nothing


From the Pacific Northwest to Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, this is the inspiring true story of four tenacious men who risk everything to conquer the records of motorcycle land speed racing.

Brothers Mark & Carl Bjorklund team up with friends Jason Omer and Bill Woods to overcome nearly impossible odds. They must work together as they battle mounting obstacles such as financial hardship, family issues, anxiety disorder, in-team conflict, severe weather, and hundreds of other racers… all while attempting to set records at breakneck speeds on homemade machines.

With each of the four men entering their own bike into the competition, they quickly discover that leaning on each other for help and resources just may be the most powerful tool of all. Showcasing valuable messages that apply to anyone who’s ever had a dream, their extraordinary journey will remind you how perseverance against all odds can send the most unlikely men roaring into glory.



The Stelvio Pass is one of the most droolworthy motorcycle roads out there (LINK TO PREVIOUS POST). Every year, motorcyclists from all over the world flock to Stelvio. Andrea decided to ride against the current. Without much of a plan, he left the Stelvio pass, only to return after finishing an around the world journey.

Andrea didn’t made almost no plans, and those he did make changed constantly He decided his route step by step, and without a clear idea of the entire ride. His preparation time was only a few days. He just got out and started riding, and figured it out along the way. No GPS, only a compass on a keychain, and when he didn’t know which way to turn, Andrea would reach into his pocket and flip a coin.

This is his story.

coast to coast trial


What would happen if you tried to ride a totally inappropriate vehicle from one side of the country to the other? What if that vehicle was a 15 year old trials motorbike (Montesa Cota 315) with no seat, a tiny 3 litre fuel tank and top speed of 30 mph? Would man and machine make it…?



Written, produced and directed by Simon Lee, edited by Adrian Barac, original music by Matteo Zingales,  Dream Racer is an inspiring account of the fear of life going by unfulfilled and the pursuit of dreams as the antidote to this fear. The film tells the extraordinary true story of French Australian Business Consultant Christophe Barriere-Varju who defies extreme physical hardship and personal tragedy as he attempts to take on the world’s most dangerous motor race, the Dakar Rally, on a motorbike.

Simon Lee followed him on his incredible roller coaster journey – from the  struggle to find funds to take part and his preparations in the sand  dunes of eastern Australia to 10,000 thrilling kilometers across  some of the harshest terrains of South America.

The Dream Racer film shows The Dakar Rally in  its purest form – no sponsors, no multi-million dollar team, not even a  mechanic – just one man, a motorbike, his tool-roll, and the world’s  most dangerous motor race.

FUN FACT: The first ever Motorcycle Film Festival BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY winner was a little movie called Why We Ride.

two stroked a love story

BEST SHORT NARRATIVE – Two Stroked: A Love Story

Come along for the ride with Jacqui, Lucian, and the Uglies from Lucky 2 Strokes as they show you their wonderful/horrible world of mopeds.



Rumbling is a dramatic feature film based on a true contemporary story, spiced with real-life events taken from media reports mixed in. It showcases tales of domestic violence, acts of self-defense, standing up for what is right and helping victims in need. The film is about an endangered human archetype, one whose sense of justice and freedom of speech borders the edge of law and social norms. It was originally planned as a documentary about people whose nature defies societal norm. This background gives the film a credible amount of crude realism. As a feature film Rumbling is set in the world of motorcycles, rock music and artists, where people valuing fairness and honesty blend in their inherent explosive emotions, rumbling in the heart and love for absolute beauty. A world where man ceases to be judgmental with himself.

Dirtbag II The Return of the Rattler

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Dirtbag II: Return of the Rattler

Of course you can build a chopper in one month and for under a thousand bucks. If you’re a mechanic or a fabricator. But what if you have no experience at all? In the first Dirtbag documentary, all the builders said the same thing: “anyone can do this”. After being spectators for years, the filmmakers set out to prove this statement right or wrong once and for all. See the documentary that CityBike magazine called “Rattler productions and Vargas Film’s most recent film ever!” The filmmakers are building their own bikes. With a thousand bucks, a month, and no experience at all. See the follow up film that UrbanMoto magazine said “could be worse”.

SEE ALSO – The 2013 Winners

This wasn’t the first Motorcycle Film Festival. 2013 had some awesome festival winners too.

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  2. RT @YouMotorcycle: The 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Winners http://t.co/sjIVEQGhqV http://t.co/CGvEYj2jlD

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: The 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Winners http://t.co/sjIVEQGhqV http://t.co/CGvEYj2jlD

  4. RT @YouMotorcycle: The 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival Winners http://t.co/sjIVEQGhqV http://t.co/CGvEYj2jlD

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