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The Best Motorcycle Trailer Ever

The best motorcycle trailer ever? Yup! It’s a throwback to April 2018, Motovlog Episode #4. I haven’t published it on the site before, but I wanted to show you guys my motorcycle trailer. It’s had a couple upgrades since this video, but it’s 90% as you see it in this video, and it gets more compliments than the prettiest girl at prom.

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Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my drop deck motorcycle trailer. The bed lowers flat to the ground so there’s no need for dangerous ramps or awkward angles to get your motorcycle strapped down and ready to hit the road. You pull up, drop the bed down, roll the bike on, lift it up, strap it down, and drive away.

The trailer was made by Klinger Trailers Inc. out of Paw Paw, Michigan. They’re a father and son team who build awesome trailers. I’ve called them up a few times over the last couple years whenever I had questions and they’ve always been awesome.

I used this for a number of years. You can see my full review of the motorcycle trailer here.

PS: If you’re looking for trailers to tow behind your motorcycle, check this out, and this article will explain How to know what size motorcycle trailer or truck bed you need to fit your motorcycle.

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  1. hell i just wanted to know the price of your trailer

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