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The Biker and the Trucker

biker and truckerTrue Story… can chose to believe it or not. But anyways, I commute up the DVP to York Mills every day. Anyways one of the highlights is what I jokingly call my facial. And that is the dump trucks that travel up the DVP around the same time I do. They kick up so much dirt or spray dirt from the back that I can tell I am coming up to a dump truck even if it’s a couple kilometers ahead of me. My lovely facial… A little grimy but never need to exfoliate at home…

Cat Biker GirlAnyways one particular morning I’m booting along (my favourite part of riding a cruiser is showing people that they can move fast and swiftly, unlike the millions of contrary examples out there) and I see up a head a pack of dump trucks. Oh great. So I boot a little bit faster so I can get past these guys as quick and painless as possible. Zip over to the fast lane which happily is actually moving this morning, and go to pass the first truck in the line. Just get past the cab and they guy hits his horn. I jump a mile as it scared the hell out of me but since I’m zipping along I shake it of. Last thing I need is to lick the tires of the beast beside me.

So I am focused back in and am now rolling past the second truck. Get past the cab… nothing happens. Phew… on to the third and final truck. So far so good. Get up almost to the cab and this hand reached out holding a pink carnation. Taken back, I do the only thing I can do and keep booting it on my way to work.

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