How we do it.
How we do it.

The Ride For Sight

Ride For SightA weekend event for charity not to be missed!

Ride For Sight 2009 was a great weekend in Collingwood. Our fellow team GTAM campers made it truly amazing and together our team raised the most funds. Ashley and Adrian raised nearly $600 – thank you so much for helping us help others!

Every year the Ride For Sight raises funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We’re proud to have surpassed our goal and raised over one million dollars this year. Congratulations team for raising over $37,000! We rocked!
We’ve got two videos, one short and sweet, one a little longer, as well as a tonnes of cool pics from a weekend we’re glad we didn’t miss out on!

Our ride on my KYMCO Venox through the camping grounds.
Most of Saturday had rain off and on. After very hours sleep, feeling achy, stuff, and damn, Ash and I grumpily went off to explore Collingwood. You can see the change in attitude the second the sun comes out.

… and don’t forget the pics!

Thanks to WobblyCat for the pics! A big thank you to all of my sponsors from the Toronto Moto Scooter Club, and my very supportive family members and friends.

The Ride For Sight has raised over 1 million dollars for the Foundation Fighting Blindness every year for nine consecutive years! Thanks to your contributions we raised and donated $600!

Ashley made a return trip to Wasaga, on our little scooter (50cc displacement). You can get to Collingwood and Wasaga even by 50cc scooter easily by avoiding all of the hills on Airport and passing through the towns of Everett and Lisle instead.

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