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This Massive Abandoned Bali Hotel is All Kinds of Exotic

This Massive Abandoned Bali Hotel is All Kinds of Exotic

Jacob Laukaitis is a motorcyclist loving life. He’s a self-proclaimed “digital nomad – a Wi-Fi and computer powered traveler”, Jacob can work from anywhere as long as he has those two things. He spends 9-10 months of the year travelling. With no ball-and-chain physical office space, Jacob has visited over thirty countries in the past two years and is currently working remotely on ChameleonJohn.com, a company he co-founded.

The company created a culture and tradition of travel. Once a year they to visit an exotic destination. Last year it was Koh Samui in Thailand. This year, Jacob’s company planned their annual trip to Bali, Indonesia. The company rented a beautiful Villa in Seminyak where they stayed for a month. During that time they lived, worked, and traveled Bali together.

Jacob Laukaitis in Bali

Exploring Bali

Bali skyline

bikerMetric has been featuring some amazing builds from Indonesian motorcycle builders, exploding with character and java culture. Jacob is a motorcyclist and bikerMetric reader so he rented a motorcycle from locals for the duration of his trip to explore the island.

“A bike just gives you that much freedom and connectivity to the surroundings. You see something you like, you just stop and take a closer look.” said Jacob. “As for the bikes, I actually rented 2 different motorbikes and both were custom-made. It seems that in Bali everybody has either a scooter or an antique custom motorcycle that smells of exhaust fumes.” The motorcycles Jacob rented typically were 200cc, with no mirrors, no speedometer, and no fuel meter. “The sound and the feel were amazing.”

That’s how he ended up stumbling upon this hotel. It was a majestic work of art, left completely abandoned for the past decade, for reasons unknown to the locals:

Wondering what else Jacob got up to? Check this out:

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jacob. Ride safe, but have fun!

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  1. Awesome, dude! I’ve always dreaming of becoming a digital nomad rider and your post really inspires me. And your video editing skill is very nice!

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