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ICON 1000 Series Motorcycle Gear

Top 5 Picks from the ICON 1000 Collection

In motorcycles and in fashion, vintage is in, and ICON’s 1000 Collection kicks it old school. The collection blends old school aesthetics, cuts, and designs, and seamlessly integrates modern technology from ICON’s experience and research and development.

Here are our top 5 picks from the ICON 1000 Collection. Trust me, you’re gonna like this.
Airmada Hard Luck Helmet
ICON Airmada Hard Luck

Category: Helmet
Our Pick: Airmada Hard Luck

Captivating our love for going at things with a (occasionally too) hardcore attitude, we had almost no choice but to pick the ICON Airmada Hard Luck Motorcycle Helmet.

For those who couldn’t care less about superstition and are known to throw caution to the wind on a whim, this is the helmet for you.

Adrian’s Tip: Complete the look with a Dark Smoke Shield (pictured right), or with a reflective color visor to match your motorcycle or gear.

Price: $265 with Free Shipping on Amazon. Also available in black or red.


Vigilante Dropout Jacket

ICON Vigilante Dropout JacketCategory: Textile Jacket
Pick: Vigilante Dropout

Vigilante is ICON’s best offer as far as the ICON 1000 Collection goes for the average rider with a chip on his shoulder. Sleeves are made of leather offering optimal protection where motorcyclists need it most.

Featuring tons of retro-inspired embroidered patches, the Vigilante combines moderate amounts of fashion, function, and badassery, all at a price that wasn’t out of reach, this jacket was a no-brainer pick.

Adrian’s Tip: Complete the look with riverwash or distressed jeans, and black boots.

Price: $300 and Free Shipping on Amazon.


Chapter Leather Motorcycle Jacket

ICON Chapter Leather Motorcycle JacketCategory: Leather Jacket
Pick: Chapter

ICON took a page out of the history books of motorcycle fashion with the Chapter leather jacket. Brazilian cowhide and drum-dyed antique leather so rich, that if you look at the picture long enough you can start to smell it.

Forget the old style protection of the late 1980s jacket the Chapter is modeled after, this jacket comes equiped with D30 CE approved armor at the shoulders, elbows, and spine. It also comes equiped with a removable vest liner, oversized YKK zippers, and ergonomics to comfortably fit any motorcycle or riding position.

Adrian’s Tip: This jacket will compliment any motorcycle, but for maximum impact wear it with a retro bike, cafe racer, bobber, old school machine, streetfighter, or even cruiser.

Price: $600 and Free Shipping on Amazon.


Federal Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Category: Women’s Jacket
Pick: Federal

We’ll let the video tell the story.

Adrian’s Tip: Motorcycle sisters, I’ve worked in the motorcycle biz, and I often heard the same frustrations from women when it came to shopping for motorcycle gear. Lack of selection. Lack of shapeliness. Lack of protection. Discomfort. Let’s be honest, center-zipping jackets aren’t always the most comfortable or easy to do up for a woman who’s been blessed. If you’ve found yourself sucking in your breath when zipping up over the girls, you owe it to yourself to try a side-zipping motorcycle jacket.

Price: $450 and Free Shipping on Amazon. If the design, protection, quality leather, and side-zip aren’t enough to sell you on the Federal, consider this: ICON”s MSRP is $600. That makes $450 with free shipping is a pretty sweet deal, if you’re inclined to spend a little more on a premium motorcycle jacket.


ICON Elsinore Motorcycle Boots

Category: Boots
Pick: Elsinore

The Elsinore boot is what happens when you put vintage MX, Steampunk Comics, and your Mad Max DVDs in the motorcycle boot blender… and we dig it. Stitching that stands out, layers of leather, buckles galore, gobs of protection, and zipper for ease of use. Not bad.

In the video, ICON calls the Elsinore “old school MX, reinterpreted for the urban sprawl.” Have a look:

These things are definitely not for everyone, and even I admit they wouldn’t be my every day riding gear, but hey, why should the girl be the only one who gets to have flashy shoes?

Oh, and ladies, the Elsinore comes in both Men’s and Women’s.

Price: $245 and Free Shipping on Amazon.


That’s it! There’s plenty more to the collection. It’s a real throwback collection and we kind of dig it. You’ll definitely stand out over everyone else at the next motorcycle meet, and if peacocking is your thing, this collection’s for you.

Which piece of gear in the collection are you most interested in?

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