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50 Tough Things Every Motorcyclists Must Do

50 Tough Things Every Motorcyclist Must Do

Being a motorcyclist isn’t easy. It takes a lot of focus. There are a lot of cagers out there trying to kill us. There are a lot of road and weather conditions that don’t help. the world’s greatest outdoor sport is a way of life, an expression of freedom, and a method of transportation all in one. That’s what motorcycling is. It isn’t all sunshine, open roads, and good looking friends. Here are 50 tough things every motorcyclist must do.

1) Tell your buddy the first motorcycle he wants just isn’t the right first bike for him (or her).

2) Service your motorcycle yourself.

3) Take it to the dealership and admit that you failed to service your motorcycle yourself.

4) Learn how to ask for exactly what you want.

5) Pop a wheelie.

6) Skip a family event (or few) to go out riding.

7) Go on a charity run you really don’t want to.

8) Have at least one track day.

9) Have at least one off road day.

10) Jump on a bike with twice the horsepower or torque than you’re used to.

11) U-Turn and double back to talk to the girl who smiled at you as you rode by.

12) Stand up for the motorcyclist riding the littlest bike.

Motorcycle Hooligan

13) Kick a riding buddy to the curb for his or her hooligan habits.

14) Have your own version of Hunter S. Thompson’s wild drug and alcohol induced midnight runs.

15) Make it all the way to home base, on or around your motorcycle.

16) Bunny-hop the sidewalk.

17) Drift a little.

18) Dress like a motorcyclist.

19) Wash your bike more than once a season.

20) Follow up decisions with “What’s the worst that could happen?”

21) Make friends with the girl at the diner when you’re alone.

22) Lanesplit.

23) Take away a friend’s keys and wait.

24) Have that weird conversation where you tell your loved ones you care about them.

25) Blow off your significant other to hang out with your motorcycle.

26) Blow off your best friend to hang out with your motorcycle.

27) Fire a gun from a moving motorcycle.

28) Ride to win.

29) Say yes to a spontaneous road trip.

30) Ride through rain the entire trip, quietly cursing the people who dragged you out.

31) Get off your bike, walk up to the cager that just cut you off, tap on his or her window, and have at ’em.

32) Block for a group ride you aren’t part of.

33) Give a eulogy.

34) Know when you’re reaching the upper limits of your skill level.

35) Approach your mechanic like an adult.

36) Buy and love your “for now” motorcycle.

37) Quit wasting your time dreaming about your “happily ever after” motorcycle.

38) Do a bit of roadside maintenance.

39) Take a road trip alone.

40) Play in the dirt.

41) Don’t cry, the wind doesn’t care.

42) Treat your motorcycle like a life partner.

43) Defend your motorcycle in public.

44) Install your add-ons and accessories yourself.

45) Put in your 10,000 hours.

46) Admit it when you bought the wrong motorcycle.

47) Run out of gas on the highway.

48) Ride through snow or other extreme weather.

49) Ride to the coast.

50) Pay off your motorcycle.

That’s it. 50 tough things every motorcyclist must do, sooner or later. Everyone is going to have their own list. I’ll admit mine wasn’t too “hardcore adventure’ish” and I’ve done about 75% to 80% of them.

How many have you done?

Here’s a bonus point for anyone who’s counting:

Bonus: Keep on riding.

What are the toughest things you’ve had to do as a motorcyclist?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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