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Twyn Rivers Dr

Twyn Rivers Dr.

Twyn Rivers Steep HillYou never know what you’ll come across while motorcycling. I left in search of a cheap deal on some motorcycle gear, and found myself on a road with steep hills, sharp turns, a nice hairpin, and more. Welcome to Twyn Rivers Dr., one of the nicest roads for motorcycle rides a stone’s throw from Toronto, Ontario.

After finding a great price on a used ICON Urban Tank Bag in Pickering, I decided it was time to hit up a well known great motorcycle riding road on the outskirts of Toronto: Twyn Rivers Dr. Twyn Rivers passes through Rouge Valley and Rouge Park between Scarborough and Pickering.


The fact many of the curves are on a downhill means you’ll need to be a little more careful if you’re going eastbound. If you’re feeling a little less confident or you’re a new rider, try taking it westbound first.

Entering Twyn River Dr.
The fun part of Twyn Rivers Dr is less than 2 km. If you enter going eastbound you’ll immediately be greeted by a steep uphill followed by a steep down with a curve that you won’t see coming.

Another Tip?
Heading westbound, the first bridge is steele grated. You’ll lose some traction, but the bridge is slow so just play it cool, don’t stiffen up and you’ll be fine.

About Rouge Park:
Rouge Park has hiking, trails along scenic vistas, a beach, and river and forest walks. The Park also has campgrounds for tents, RVs and trailers as well as areas for canoeing, fishing, swimming, cycling and picnics. The scenery seen from roadside seemed beautiful and we’re looking forward to returning to ride Twyn River Dr. and visiting Rouge Park.

What did Ashley think of the ride?



A picturesque and fun road that will catch you off guard if you take it too quickly on your first time. Do the road a few times and get gradually faster as you learn the route. Weekends may be busy, but on a Monday at 12:30 PM Twyn River Dr. is absolutely empty. We’ll be taking it again on our visit to Rouge Park. It’s a shame the road is so short, but if you happen to be in the area already, check it out.

How To Get There

Make your own adventure (or take a tip or two from ours)!

  • From Toronto, we travelled West to Meadowvale Rd (you can take either the 401 or Kingston Rd / HWY 2)
  • Kingston Rd. is also called HWY 2 and Old Kingston Rd. 
  • From Meadowvale Rd. travel north to Sheppard Ave and turn Right / East
  • Take a Left to go North West on Twyn Rivers Dr
  • Travel West on Forks Of The Credit Rd to the village of Belfountain

Our Little Adventure MapThese are the spots we’ve mapped out, some of our personal favorites for you to check out:

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