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Victoria Merideth

Who is Victoria Merideth?

On Wednesday we showed you pictures of Victoria Merideth, a twenty year old motocross lover wanting a build a career in power sports. Let’s face it, the sport, the lifestyle, and the industry are all in need of more women. We’ve said it time and again, when women get involved in power sports, we take our little niche to the mainstream. Our voices double, we get heard, and we open up our favorite pass time, and our favorite lifestyle to families, and couples. When women get involved in power sports everyone wins.

So what motivates Victoria Merideth, a young woman who describes herself as “a broke kid with a crappy truck” to get into this whole mess anyhow? We caught her out of a dirt rut just long enough to find out.

Victoria Merideth

Name: Victoria Merideth
DOB: 1/29/94 (freshly 21!)
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 115lbs
Bike of choice: a 250f in any color!
Favorite riders: Ashley Fiolek, Jessy Nelson, Eli Tomac, Trey Canard and my fellow privateers.

YouMotorcycle: Victoria Merideth versus Motocross – who wins?

Victoria Merideth: Motocross kicks my ass. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I wish I could be some sort of average pansy that fills their days with makeup and long walks on the beach, but I’m not.

Victoria Merideth in her Prom Dress

YouMotorcycle: So what does it for you then?

Victoria Merideth: I’m addicted to racing. The feeling that I get when I race or even watch racing is a more pure and genuine high than any drug anyone could ever give me.

YouMotorcycle: You’ve been around the track for years now. What’s the story?

Victoria Merideth: I spent my high school days doing homework and working so that I could get my butt out to the the track every week. I come from a small town where the nearest prepped track is an hour away, and I trekked my way up there every Wednesday night all on my lonesome to catch some laps.

Victoria Merideth - Number 301

YouMotorcycle: And now?

Victoria Merideth: I’ve never had any true support in racing, making it difficult for me to get very far in the industry. Eventually I had to grow up and deal with that really nice lady we call reality. And she served me hard. I had to start being a big kid, paying rent, eating healthy, staying fit and riding are very difficult tasks to achieve on minimum wage. I had to tell myself that rather than trying so hard to go pro (because we all know that works out so great for women on Moto) I was going to have to buckle down and find a way to become a part of the sport I love.

YouMotorcycle: What’s been on your agenda as far as the biz is concerned?

Victoria Merideth: I have looked into modeling, journalism, mechanic jobs and even starting my own business based on helping privateers and their beautiful struggle in the racing industry. I spent the 2014 supercross season as an intern for Strikt Slaton Yamaha, only making me want to be submersed in Moto even more.

Victoria working at Strikt Slaton Yamaha

YouMotorcycle: As a rider, what’s your biggest fear?

Victoria Merideth: The one thing you just simply can’t fear in Moto, crashing. The idea of spending any more money on hospital bills scares the shi* out of me! It actually really hinders my riding and sometimes. I get so mad that I’m preventing myself from getting as fast as I’d like to. At the same time, I just want to ride. Of course I want to win races, but I’ll be glad just to hit the track at all! And spending money at the hospital isn’t going to let me do that.

YouMotorcycle: We heard you like helping people. More specific to that …?

Victoria Merideth: I’d like to work with children with autism! I hope to own a ranch where parents can drop off their autistic children and allow them to spend some time with an animal that they get to help me take care of!

YouMotorcycle: So, who is Victoria Merideth right now?

Truthfully, I’m a broke kid with a crappy truck, no bike and a passion for Moto. I just want to ride. I want to be around bikes. I want to inspire people involved in motocross and racing in general, to do their best and keep moving forward!

Victoria Merideth

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  1. It’s never easy to go Pro in any form of motorcycle racing. I dreamed of it in my youth too. I settled into street riding with a Motorcycle Club and a nine to five job. The high isn’t there but the spirit is.

  2. RT @YouMotorcycle: “Truthfully, I’m a broke kid with a crappy truck, no bike & a passion for Moto.” @MotoInADress http://t.co/ZmTHeNPzbE ht…

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: “Truthfully, I’m a broke kid with a crappy truck, no bike & a passion for Moto.” @MotoInADress http://t.co/ZmTHeNPzbE ht…

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