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WOOLF Wristband

A Wristband to Save You From Speeding Tickets?

I leave Waze running whenever I’m in my car and let it alert me of speed traps and traffic disasters ahead. On my motorcycle I have no such luxury. A group of Italian motorcyclists aims to change that in time for the 2017 season.

Introducing WOOLF, a wristband to alert motorcyclists of upcoming speed traps. The wristband connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone. On your phone you’ll download an app which will synchronize with servers all over the world to notify the rider of “measuring devices and speed-controlled zones.”

How WOOLF Works

The wristband communicates the information via vibration. When far from the targets the vibrations have long pauses in between. As the rider continues to approach the, the vibrations pickup in frequency.

WOOLF is completely legal, moreover it’s a neat way to stay safe. While riders could go for a cell phone handlebar mount they would still need to be looking down at the screen to catch the warnings. Instead of taking their eyes off of the road, riders simply wait for WOOLF to give them a buzz when it’s time to roll off the throttle a little. Not bad.

One Size Fits All

WOOLF is a 100% made-in-Italy initiative currently accepting crowdfunding on Kickstarter here. You can also check out their site: www.woolf.bike.

Again, please show some support for this awesome initiative and check out WOOLF on kickstarter.

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  2. Cool concept…but ILL WAIT UNTIL AN AMERICAN CO. MAKES it.

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