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Spring Break in Daytona Beach

Young, Wild, & Free

Spring Break in Daytona Beach

It was Spring Break in Daytona Beach Florida. I was sweet 16 with a bunch of girls from Windsor, Ontario, Canada! We were out for a good time. Dressed up like the little tarts like we were, or still are, old habits die hard! We were wandering the strip checking out the shops. After getting our kicks for a bit in the porn shop we headed outside where to our extreme pleasure were a bunch of boys on crotch rockets!

Score I thought! So being the innocent, flirty canadian girl that I am I walked up to one of the boys and said politely “Excuse me you wouldn’t want to take my friends and I for a ride?”

As it turns out he did, as well as a bunch of other guys parked along the side of the strip. All I have to say is how exillerating!!! Cruising the daytona strip on amazing crotch rockets with seven of my tightest friends. Not to mention without helmets. You can’t do that in Canada, or at least you couldn’t at that time!!

To the boys that made this memory possible, thanks a million I can’t remember your names but I will never forget that night!!  Wish I had pics but I didn’t want proof for my mom to find. She would have killed me.

Like I said, innocent …… until proven guilty!!!!

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