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Motorcycle How To’s & Walkthroughs

YouMotorcycle has a ton of completely motorcycle how-to’s and walkthroughs!

Generally, I’ll get the manufacturer’s official service manual for a bike, and show you step by step how to do a job to the manufacturer’s own specification.

In these motorcycle how-tos and walkthroughs I show you the parts you need, the tools you need, and how to use those tools correctly. I also show you the manufacturer’s own specifications, so you can make sure you aren’t overtightening or undertightening anything.

The motorcycle how-tos and walkthroughs will allow you to do the work yourself, exactly how your dealer would, but without having to spend a lot of money.

I include pictures, videos, exact specifications, and links to all parts and products used so you can get the exact parts and products that you can see me using.

My motorcycle how-tos and walkthroughs cover a variety of topics, including motorcycle maintenance, motorcycle service, and motorcycle customization and upgrades.

I’ve been creating motorcycle how-tos for over a decade. Not only are a huge variety of topics covered, but a huge variety of motorcycles are as well. Feel free to browse through this category until you find something you’d like to learn more about!

Remember, if you have any questions, you can always leave a comment at the bottom of an article, and I’ll be sure to answer it.

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How to Help Your Kids Stay Safe on Their Motorcycle – 5 Things To Do

Mother and Daughter Buying a Motorcycle

The words ‘I want to get a motorcycle’ probably strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere, so many parents do not know what to do when their own child mutters those scary words. Yet motorcycles are not always as scary as they seem, and it is possible to grant your child’s wish to ride a motorcycle and still be a good parent. In fact, if you guide your child correctly, you can help them have plenty of fun on their bike whilst staying safe and being practical.

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How to Buy Motorcycle Boots?

How to Buy Motorcycle Boots

“Can I ride my motorcycle in running shoes?” a voice asks. It’s a sunny afternoon and I’m at Toronto motorcycle dealership Studio Cycle Group. “You can ride in flip flops if you want to, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

In the past year, two friends of mine have broken their feet in motorcycle accidents. Neither were wearing anything more than a sneaker. I listen quietly as Dave Heilman teaches a new rider about the differences between each motorcycle shoe and boot the store carries.

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10 Ways to Find a Job in the Motorcycle Industry

10 Ways to Find a Job in the Motorcycle Industry

This winter I attended a motorcycle industry pub night. I had the pleasure of sharing tables with family-founded businesses such as KYMCO Canada and Motorcycle Mojo. I spoke with a Triumph marketer about MISSRIDER (once his band was done performing on stage, naturally). At the end of the night, CMG Online’s own Rob Harris and Brenda Cyr gave me a drive home.

Since 2007 I’ve been pushing for a stronger motorcycle riding community. Riders are the YOU in YouMotorcycle. At the pub night it struck me how tightly knit the motorcycle industry is in Canada. Everyone knows everyone. Who they work for may change but the faces stay the same. The industry is a small collection of circles. A passion for motorcycles alone won’t get you in, but you can get in. Here are 10 Ways YOU can Find a Job in the Motorcycle Industry.

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How To: 10 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage From Your Motorcycle

10 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage From Your Motorcycle

You've heard all of the doom and gloom on the news: gas prices soaring, dwindling supply of fossil fuels, double dip recession, we're all feeling the pinch at the pump. Luckily for you, motorcycles can take you very far on very little gas, if you ride them the right way.

Here are 10 ways to get better gas mileage from your motorcycle and cover the most distance for your dollar.

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