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About YouMotorcycle

What we are
YouMotorcycle is a motorcycle lifestyle blog designed to make motorcycling easier and more affordable. We make a ton of informative motorcycle content including how-to content, motorcycle reviews, and more.

Who we are
I’m Adrian, I’ve been riding motorcycles since 2007, and have worked in the motorcycle industry for 2011.

When you started motorcycle riding, did you immediately fall in love with it? I did. But at the time I was a broke teenage student. Getting into motorcycle riding was expensive, and staying in it, with maintenance and repairs to do, was also expensive. I was the first person in my family to ride motorcycles so there was no one to show me the ropes. Instead I would be like a sponge and try to pick up everything that I could from the riders around me and any books I could get my hands on. We didn’t have YouTube channels dedicated to motorcycle maintenance back then.

When I make how-to content, I pull information from the factory service manuals of the motorcycles I show you how to work on, link to all of the tools and parts that you need to do the job, and show you step by step what to do. I want you to have everything you need to do the work yourself, just like a dealer would, but without having to pay dealership prices.

When I write a review or an opinion piece, you’ll find many aren’t favorable, or judge your favorite motorcycle or motorcycle product more harshly than other reviewers. The media, and online influencers, always like to give everything a favorable review because it creates more positive engagement, more time on page, more watch time, and this helps their channels grow. We don’t do that here. YouMotorcycle remains unbiased and fiercely independent. That often means my reviews will upset people, but if you like your reviews to be honest, we’ll get along just fine.

My goal with YouMotorcycle is to try to be the kind of resource I wish existed when I was just getting into motorcycle riding: A place I could visit for detailed instructions, precise specifications, and non-biased opinions based on facts and not anecdotes.

Our philosophy
Soccer is the beautiful game, hockey is coolest game on earth, but motorcycling is the world’s greatest outdoor sport. To some, motorcycling is just a means of cheap transportation. To others motorcycling is a weekend pastime. To us, motorcycling is every day life.

Where you fit inYouMotorcycle
Check out the content, and consider contributing some of your own! I’m always looking for your stories, your adventures, your motorcycle reviews, and your events. Send me your write up. If it sounds honest, intelligent, and interesting, we’ll share it. We’re pretty friendly, so contact us.

Also, we have a Patreon page where readers can support us and the content being created, so if you don’t feel like writing but want to pledge $1/month, that’s cool too!

Media kit and more info will soon be available. Stay tuned.

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About Adrian from YouMotorcycle

I started riding motorcycles in 2007, founded YouMotorcycle in 2009, and was working in the motorcycle industry by 2011. I've worked for some of the biggest companies in motorcycling, before going full-time self-employed in the motorcycle business in 2019. I love sharing his knowledge and passion of motorcycling with other riders to help you as best I can.