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  1. Did you folks “MONKEY” with the test answers?
    I did the questionnaire and got #26 “incorrect”……because, apparently, to enter a highway ramp safely (according to YOUR answer review) I should both “Sound my horn and proceed with caution”…..AND….”Put the guy on the corner on YouTube so he can get famous.”
    There’s a time and a place for humour; I’m not sure this is either one.

  2. Took your test .. And I have had a bike lic. FOR YEARS !.. But do to a “ex-wife” working for MTO !!.. Had to REDO ALL LIC. AGAIN!!.. And one of your questions says – when is it safe to pass if the shoulder is paved if you are going to make a left turn ??
    ( answer – NEVER !) .. Do’ s not matter how close / far the exit ramp is !!..

  3. I did well on your test, but there were a few questions, especially the license suspension ones, where I simply chose the best answer and not because I knew it. It would be helpful, in terms of retaining knowledge, if when you got a correct answer, the why of it was also displayed before you moved on. Thanks for hosting this test!

    • Hey Mel, thanks for your comment! We’re happy to be able to offer a free service to riders. We actually have plans of doing an on-screen video walk-through of the entire test, to help explain every single question, but it’ll be a while before we get to that. The entire site is managed by one person, with two contributors, so some times these long term goals take a while to realize. Site contributors are always welcome if you’re interested! Ride safe!

  4. Thanks for this test. Got 27/35 as its been awhile since reading the handbook and brings back all those important rules of the road.

  5. Great training aid thanks. I have been riding in the UK for a lot of years but have to jump through all the hoops here due to there being no reciprocal agreement in place with On. All this really helps with the ‘local’ info! Can you kindly confirm if this is still similar to the actual M1 test?

  6. cool site ! well done on the m1 review and quiz ! I’m about to write ! is this THE test really ?

  7. some of the questions don’t make any since and I took my test in ca. and only missed 1 on the test. But this is a great way to get a some practice in. Now this is in Canada so nothing like ca.

  8. can you get insurance with just your M1 in Ontario?

  9. I pass the test and planning to proceed and go next week to get my M1.
    However I read that there are 3 tests with 20 questions each does anybody know if thats true? What should I expect once there?
    BTW I do have over 18 yrs of driving experience I own a permanent license the problem here is that it was issued back home (Mexico) unfortunately Canada do not really care if I can fly planes. They want me to start from scratch…

  10. question 7…..headlights on…. does the law not require that all vehicles on Ontario have DRL?

  11. Only when the vehicle is equipped with DRL, and the law says low beam headlights because DRLs don’t turn on your tail lights

  12. I just wrote the M1 today and while this isn’t exactly the same, if you pass this, you should definitely be able to pass the M1.

    • Thanks Cam! The quiz itself was published a few years ago, and then brought to this new platform in june of 2013. Glad to see it’s still relevant today in May 2015!

  13. The answer to question 29 keeps changing. I first put $500 said it was wrong $1000 was right. Took the test again i picked $1000 said it was wrong $500 was right. Has done this many many times. What is the right answer ?????? lol

  14. not sure how accurate question 35 is. in my 2013 MTO motorcycles handbook, on page 33 it specifically says “do not shift gears while you are turning”. and in regards to curves, on page 108 it says “do not shift gears in the curve. not changing gears gives you more control over your vehicle and reduces the risk of your wheels locking while downshifting”

    • Hey Steve, thanks for pointing this out, I think the takeaway here is that the MTO is asking for the BEST answer, and while it does not encourage shifting mid turn, it does not explicitly say never to do this. In many left turns, especially on smaller displacement engines, you wheel need to get out of first gear, therefor shifting in a curve is necessary, provided it is safe and you can do so smoothly.
      Feel free to write the test at the ministry and let us know if this is still the correct answer or if anything has changed. Thank you brother, ride safe!

  15. Hello, I just have a few minor comments to anyone who is the owner of the site and also the question maker. Most of these are not even relevant to the questionnaire that you receive from the DMV M1 endorsement written test and if these were then they are outdated. None of my M1 had even mentioned any of this and the fact that you label this in KM/H makes no sense because America is still stuck on MPH with all vehicles and they represent that in the test. Most of these are not worded correctly with the current DMV sample test or actual test. I recommend you use this but don’t even slightly base any knowledge from this onto your actual knowledge as majority of this is outdated and does not meet current standards at the DMV

  16. the question that has to do with reporting vehicle collisions isn’t $1000 anymore it went up to $2000 in 2014 i’m not sure if you’re still updating this test so this is more for anyone doing it now.

  17. Thank you was very useful

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