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Honda CB500F oil change

How To Change Oil & Filter on a Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X

The Honda CB500F and it’s siblings are great beginner to intermediate level motorcycles. The Honda CB500F,  CBR500R, and CB500X are all easy to do maintenance on yourself. We’re going to look at how to change the oil and filter yourself, according to Honda’s own Factory Service Manual, so we can do it like a dealer would, and make no mistakes.

Changing the oil and filter on your Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X can be divided into these key parts:

  1. What to do before you start
  2. Draining your old oil
  3. Removing and replacing the oil filter
  4. Replacing the drain plug
  5. Refilling the oil
  6. Checking your oil level

This step by step video and walkthrough will show you what to do, everything you need, what you need to do before you get started, and the five simple steps to follow.

I’ve linked to all of the parts that I use so you can find and use the same stuff that I do. There are pictures for every step, and I’ve even created a video showing you how to this yourself. Let’s get started!

watch this video

Watch this video!

What you need for a Honda CB500F / CB500R / CB500X oil and filter change:

Prep work before you start your Honda CB500 oil and filter change

There are a few things you’ll need to do before we start the oil and filter change on the Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X.

The first thing Honda’s factory service manual wants us to do is to turn on the motorcycle and let it idle for about 3 to 5 minutes. This heats up the oil, making it more viscous and allowing more of it to flow out of your motor more quickly.

Next, shut off the motorcycle and let it sit for two minutes. This gives the motorcycle time to cool down a bit so it will still be warm, but shouldn’t be so hot as to risk burning you when you’re doing your oil and filter change.

Finally, open up the oil fill cap. These can sometimes get seized or brake, and you want to make sure the oil filler is working before you drain all your oil out. Removing the oil filler cap will also help the oil drain out more smoothly.

You might also want to check your oil level before getting started to know if your Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X has been leaking oil or burning oil since your last oil change. See Step 5 further down this guide for how to check your oil level.

How to change the oil and filter on a Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X

Changing the oil and filter on a Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X is quick, simple, and requires only very basic tools. If you follow these steps from Honda’s factory service manual you’ll be able to easily change your oil and filter yourself!

Step 1) Remove the drain bolt to drain the old oil

Honda CB500F oil change Step 1 drain engine oil

All modern Honda CB500 motors have their drain plugs under the motor, by where the kickstand pivots from.
I use a 12mm socket to remove the drain plug.
Have your low profile oil drain pan ready and remember the oil could be hot so be careful.
Check the drain plug for any signs of debris from internal engine wear.
Wipe the drain plug and washer clean but do not reinstall it until after replacing the oil filter.
Make sure you do not lose the washer, and replace it if it’s looking bent or damaged.

Step 2) Remove and replace the oil filter

Honda CB500F oil change Step 2 change oil filter

The oil filter on the Honda CB500 motor is located at the front of the motorcycle between the exhaust pipes.
You can remove the oil filter using a 65-14 oil filter wrench and socket wrench or a 17mm socket bit if it’s a K&N filter.
While the oil is dripping out, take the new filter, and lubricate the o-ring with new, clean oil.
Lubricating the o-ring on the new oil will help the new oil filter come off easily when you do your next oil change.
Not lubricating the o-ring would be a big mistake, so be generous with the lubrication.
You can install the new oil filter by spinning it on until it’s handtight, and going one half turn past that.
The better option is to use a torque wrench and torque the new filter to 26 Nm.

Side-note on torque wrenches: A torque wrench is a special kind of wrench that allows you to set you will tighten something. Once you twist the wrench to the specified amount of torque, the wrench will click to let you know not to tighten any further. This prevents you from under-tightening a bolt which could cost a leak and an accident, and from over-tightening it which could cause damage to your motor. Mechanics wrenching daily typically won’t use torque wrenches and go by feel, but they are recommended for first time DIYers.

Step 3) Replace the oil drain plug

Honda CB500F oil change step 3 install new oil filter

Check the washer for any signs of wear and replace it if it looks worn.
When your Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X is done draining old oil, install the oil drain plug and washer.
Having someone hold the motorcycle upright can make it easier to get the drain bolt back in.
The torque specification for the drain bolt is 30 Nm.
Too tight will damage your engine casing, too loose and you have a leak.
Always twist your torque wrench back to 0 when you’re done using it.

Step 4) Refill with new oil

Honda CB500F oil change step 4 install oil drain bolt

Pour 2.7 liters of clean new 10W-40 motorcycle oil into the Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X.
Using a funnel can help to avoid making a mess.
Don’t worry if the oil level shows full before you start your motorcycle, the oil hasn’t filled the filter yet.

Step 5) Check your oil level

Honda CB500F oil change step 5 refill oil and check oil level

Run your motorcycle for a minute, the oil light may come on for a second and then turn off.
With the motorcycle on flat ground, use a motorcycle wheel vise, or have a front sit on your motorcycle to hold it fully upright.
Check the oil level in the oil window on the right side of the Honda CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X.
The markings on the side of the window indicate the upper and lower limits (minimum and maximum).
If the oil is too high, open up the drain plug to let a little oil out.
If the oil is too low, add a bit more oil.
Repeat until the oil is between the upper limit and lower limit markings when the bike is fully upright.


Changing the oil and filter on any of the Honda 500cc twin motors is pretty easy. There are five steps to follow and I hope I’ve explained them thoroughly!

If it’s your first time wrenching on a motorcycle, you might want to invest in some of the tools I link to. The initial cost may be expensive, but these are tools you can use the rest of your life. I’m still using my first tool set 15 years later. Compared to what I would have spent on oil changes at the dealership they’ve paid for themselves many times over.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below. If you found the video and this guide helpful, please feel free to just leave a “Thank you” comment down below, as that always make my day.

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  1. Hello, I have already subscribed to your channel, I have the 2022 honda cb500f and I am very happy with it. For now I changed the exhaust for a Leovince and the air filter for a K&N. I am thinking about changing the factory transmission kit for a sprocket with one more tooth and two fewer teeth on the rear ring gear. I have seen that one from 2016 had the intake nozzles changed, do you know if this one of mine has intake nozzles that can be changed? THANK YOU.

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