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How To - Honda Fury Oil and Filter Change

How To: Honda Fury Oil & Filter Change

After changing the final drive fluid last week, this week we’ll change the oil and filter on a Honda Fury. This article will show you step by step how to change the oil and filter on the Honda Fury, including what tools and parts you’ll need.

We’ll be using Honda’s own service manual as the basis for our oil change, so you can learn how to change the oil and filter on your own, and how to do it step by step like a Honda dealer would.

Tools you need for an oil change on the Honda Fury

You can change the oil and filter yourself in these five steps:

  1. Remove the two oil drain bolts to drain all of the oil
  2. Remove the oil filter
  3. Replace the washers and re-install the drain bolt
  4. Lubricate the seal and replace the oil filter
  5. Refill the oil and check the oil level on the dipstick

watch this video

Watch this video!

Before you start your Honda Fury oil and filter change…

There are a few things to note, based on Honda’s service manual, before we get this oil change started:

  1. Your Fury should be warmed up, but not hot. Honda recommends starting the bike from cold and letting it run for 3-5 minutes, and then shutting off the engine and waiting 2-3 minutes.
  2. Your Fury is designed for the oil to be changed with the motorcycle in a fully upright position, not on it’s side stand. Use a stand, a hoist, or just ask a friend to sit on your bike for you.
  3. I recommend checking your oil level before you change your oil. Checking your oil level lets you see if your Fury has been burning oil or losing oil since your last oil change.
  4. Your oil cap should not be sealed during your oil change, but you can keep it partly on to avoid any dust or dirt falling in to your oil tank.

Note: If any of the following instructions are unclear, I’d recommend watching the video above. The video should shed a bit more light and answer all of your questions, but if you still need help just leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll help you out.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to change the oil on a Honda Fury

Changing the oil and filter on a Honda Fury yourself can save you a lot of money. Follow these five steps to do it exactly how a dealer would:

Honda Fury oil and filter change - Step 1 - Remove drain bolts

Step 1) Remove the oil drain plugs

The Honda Fury has two drain plugs. One drain plug is behind the front tire, facing forward. The other drain plug is on the left side of the motorcycle by the kick-stand mount.
To remove the drain plugs you’ll need a 17mm socket bit.
Don’t forget the take the washer off with the drain plug.
Check the drain plug for any metal shavings that would show wear in the engine.
Check the washer for any signs of wear that would mean it needs replacement.

Honda Fury oil and filter change - Step 2 - Remove oil filter

Step 2) Remove the oil filter

The oil filter is also located by the kick-stand.
Remove the oil filter using an adjustable oil filter wrench or a 65-14 oil filter wrench.
If your Honda Fury uses a K&N oil filter you can use a 17mm bit to remove the oil filter.

Step 3) Re-install the drain plugs

When the Fury is fully drained of oil, you can re-install the oil drain plugs.
Honda recommends replacing the o-rings with every oil change, but this may or may not be necessary.
The torque specification for the drain bolt is 30 Nm or 22 lb. ft.
You should clean your drain plugs and washers before re-installing them to avoid getting any debris into your motorcycle.

Honda Fury oil and filter change - Step 4 - Replace oil filter

Step 4) Install the new oil filter

Before you install the new oil filter you must lubricate it’s o-ring (seal) to prevent the oil filter from seizing to the motor.
Lubricate the seal by running a bit of clean new motorcycle oil over the black rubber gasket that runs along the bottom of the oil filter.
Many people advise to tighten the oil filter to one half turn past hand tight, but the correct torque specification is 26 Nm (19 lb-ft) according to Honda’s factory service manual.
Using the correct torque specifications are important because they stop you from over-tightening the oil filter (which could damage the filter or motor) or under-tightening the oil filter (causing a leak).
To avoid problems, I recommend using a cheap but effective torque wrench like this one. They’re very easy to use, you just twist to set the wrench to the desired torque spec and tighten until you hear a click.

Honda Fury oil and filter change - Step 5 - Refill oil and check level

Step 5) Pour in new oil and check the level

The last thing to do is pour in your new 10W-40 semi-synthetic (or 10W-40 full-synthetic) motorcycle oil and check the level in your oil level window along the way.
If you replaced only the oil, but kept your old filter, you will need 3.5 litres of oil.
If you replaced both oil and filter, you will need 3.7 litres of oil.
Then, check your Honda Fury’s oil level.

How to check the oil level on your Honda Fury

  1. Place your Fury in a fully upright position.
  2. Take out the oil cap / dipstick.
  3. Wipe it clean.
  4. Put it back, but don’t screw it in, just rest it, then take it out.
  5. Check the level on the dipstick and make sure it is within the upper and lower level indicators.

If when you’re done doing your oil change on your Honda Fury the oil level is too high, just take off the drain plug and let a little oil out. If the oil level is too low, just add a little more oil into your Fury.


Changing the oil and filter on your Honda Fury is an easy five step job. By following the instructions above you can do it just like a dealer! If you have any questions, or if you just found this helpful, please leave a comment down below!

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