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MotoGP's 2020 Season So Far

MotoGP’s 2020 Season So Far

The 2020 MotoGP season has been absolutely wild. I don’t mean that in the way social media “influencers” call the most dull and basic things wild! and amazing! I mean, every single race has had multiple absolutely crazy stories.

I came across this series of memes created by a friend’s husband for BrotoGP – and I knew right away I wanted to get their permission to share it. If you guys have been following the season, I think you’ll love this. If you haven’t been following, maybe skip this post and go check out something else.

Of course, this was all just leading up to what happened in Austria on Sunday. In case you missed that, here are some pictures, and yes, that’s not one, but two motorcycles, flying hundredths of seconds away from hitting Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.

MotoGP’s 2020 season has been crazier than any other in recent years, and it proves what Rossi fans have been saying for a decade now: The world is a better place without Marc Marques in it.

The best part? In just a few days, we’ll be back at the very same Austrian race track to do it all over again.

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