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Motorcycle contortionist photo shoot Danielle

Motorcycle Contortionists Photo Shoot: Danielle

Sometime last year I got together with Wobblycat and Mark Gornik and took part in something amazing. Us three lucky guys found two extremely talented and beautiful young women who started contorting and making our jaws drop literally all day long. The performers were Danielle and “G”. Wobbly flexed his camera as the “bendy girls” (Mark‘s words) did contortion and acro all over Mark‘s custom built Harley and my stock-is-cool-too Suzuki. The photo shoot has been a hit ever since.

Motorcycle contortionist photo shoot - Danielle

Which brings me to Danielle… I’ve gotten to know her more and more over the past year. Initially I saw Danielle’s fun side. She’d extend an invitation for beer and wings at Hooters after performances, or to her birthday party on her cousin’s private beach. Danielle’s laugh, quick zingers, and cool nature were always present.

Motorcycle contortionist photo shoot - Danielle

The more I got to know to know her the more I realized there was a very serious side to her. I was always impressed with Danielle’s physical strength and stamina. It took a while for me to understand that they were a reflection of her inner strength and her determination. I was happy to recommend her for a job, and working with her as well as seeing her perform at events, I’ve seen her professionalism shine.

Motorcycle contortionist photo shoot Danielle

Outgoing and charismatic as she may be, there’s also a side of Danielle that she doesn’t talk much about. She doesn’t reveal a whole lot about her family life. Dani takes that same tireless work ethic in caring for her mother. I think that’s what makes her not just a talented person with great character, but a genuinely good person. Watch this video by another aerial star, Giovanna Gatto, titled “Life with Lupus” and see what I mean.

I watched my father suffer from brain cancer for four years. I watched him lose more and more of himself, mentally and physically. I understand what it’s like to see your parent in and out of hospital beds and the effect it has on someone in their early twenties. That life is over for me now. It was just a sample of what Danielle does and how hard she works. I respect, admire, and love her for it.

Adrian S.

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