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Motorcycle Surfing

Motorcycle Surfing… It’s a Thing

Here’s a pretty epic video that’ll probably put to shame anything gutsy you think you’ve done on your motorcycle. Check these guys out motorcycle surfing through some beautiful scenery at 50 mph (80 km/hr).

Motorcycle Surfing

You can watch it at up to 5K, to make the video as stimulating to your senses as can be.

Equipment used in the making of the video include:

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  1. RT @YouMotorcycle: Motorcycle Surfing… It’s a Thing http://t.co/XOjhUTDgaN http://t.co/l5ItA2Zyou

  2. Cute. Now even more people will think of motorcyclists as attention-grabbing jerks screwing around on public highways.
    Sheesh. Like we don’t have enough to deal with from mainstream media.

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: Motorcycle Surfing… It’s a Thing http://t.co/XOjhUTDgaN http://t.co/l5ItA2Zyou

  4. Dumb asses. IndIan Larry thought it was a good idea too. Dumb asses.

  5. Been there, done it. No big deal. Yep it’s a thrill the first time. Ask Indian Larry about the last time though.

  6. RT @YouMotorcycle: Motorcycle surfing is a thing (because we’ve learned nothing from Indian Larry) https://t.co/XOjhUTlFjf https://t.co/9cZ…

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