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Response to Feedback: 2022 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review

In August I published a video called “Hater” reviews a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. The title, “hater” was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. It was meant to poke fun at the internet fanboy culture that thinks anyone who calls out a flaw in their motorcycle can’t possibly be right. Their motorcycle is perfect. The criticism is only because the reviewer is a “hater” and their opinion is invalid, whether or not it’s based on fact.

A thread about my video went viral on a Royal Enfield fanboy forum. I received a lot of very negative comments from the Royal Enfield fanboy army. Most of it was lacking sound logic or reason, but my favorite comment was a poorly worded death threat. I had kicked the bee’s nest, and they were frantically upset about it.

watch this video

Watch this video!

My original plan was to make an article, and this video, replying one by one to all of the comments left on that video, positive and negative, openly to make everything crystal clear. I decided I’ll simply say this instead:

The reality is that there are a lot of people out there with fragile egos. They are snowflakes who are more than just financially and emotionally invested into their motorcycles, they are also ego-invested into their motorcycles.

In their mental state, to criticize their motorcycle is to criticize that person themselves. So rather than acknowledge that every motorcycle has pros and cons, they take criticisms very personally, when they have absolutely no reason to.

When I did a review of my own favorite motorcycle, one that I had and loved for half a decade, my Harley-Davidson V-Rod, did I say it was a perfect motorcycle? No. Did I say the pros of my favorite motorcycle far outweighed the cons? No. I said that my own favorite motorcycle has 19 individual cons, compared to only 21 pros.

I’m confident enough to stand in front of a camera and put my name and face out there and discuss the upsides and the many, many downsides of my own vehicle choices. I’m not going to hide behind a keyboard blubbering out nonsense at the man in front of the camera because he didn’t like my built-to-a-pricepoint bike and that hurt my feelings.

So you can make a choice: Be mad at me for telling you all of the flaws, shortcomings, weaknesses, and corners cut on your motorcycle, or admit no motorcycle is perfect. Remember, just because you really like something doesn’t mean it’s great. If you really like something, all that means is that it’s great for you, and that should be enough for you. You shouldn’t need it to be great for everyone for you to be happy, and you shouldn’t feel happy if it isn’t great enough for anyone else.

To the loser who got upset to the point of sending me a death threat in the comments section of a YouTube video because I dared to say your precious Royal Enfield is a budget bike with budget components made by a budget brand:
Dear friend, I’m not the hater. You are.

To the Royal Enfield owners who were cool, who just said you loved your Royal Enfields, you enjoy them, you haven’t had any problems with them, or you you’ve had small issues and still love them:
You guys are 100% awesome to me because you watched the video, you thought about it, and you said yeah okay, but I really like my motorcycle and I really enjoy it! – and that’s all that matters. I hope you guys love them forever, I hope they keep making you happy every time you fire them up, and I thank you for being reasonable mature human beings.

Ride safe everyone,


If you haven’t checked out my Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 review video, here it is:

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Adrian is the YouMotorcycle Editor. He never planned on becoming a blogger, but liked the idea of sharing his passion and encouraging others to get out and ride. He believes that anyone thinking about buying a motorcycle should hurry up and buy one, and that everyone who already owns a motorcycles should ride more. He likes V-Twins, scooters, and breaking social norms. He occasionally wears a suit and high-top sneakers when he rides to work. Sometimes he takes out his tools and everything goes from bad to worse. Sometimes everything just falls into his lap. Whatever the case he stays grateful and always tries to learn. If you feel motorcycling is a lifestyle, follow him via social media.


  1. Having experienced some of this as an author, I reinforce Adrian’s point that while most people are willing to comment and disagree civilly, there are some folks out there who hide behind a keyboard and screen name and spew vitriolic hatred that has no place in our lives. And those verbal eruptions say a lot more about the emptiness of their souls than it does about our opinions.

  2. I would very much like to voice my own agreement with Adrian in that the ultimate test of anything, IS the test of time! In 1989, I bought a brand new Yamaha XJ600. In less than six months, the lacquer on the polished alloy parts had turned white, cracked and begun flaking off. The parts were duly replaced under warranty. Six months later, the same problem returned and had spread to the cast wheels. That apart, it was a great bike to ride, but the finish was bloody awful! My favourite bike is still my beloved now 24 year old Harley SuperGlide Sport. It’s heavy, likes to drink petrol to the tune of 45mpg and after three hours in the saddle you HAVE to get off! And I love it. Best part: It STILL looks like it came out of the crate yesterday and it has never let me down once. It doesn’t leak or burn a drop of oil, either!

    • Hey Mitch. You said it man. A good motorcycle isn’t a motorcycle that’s good when it’s new. A good motorcycle is a motorcycle that’s 5, or even 10 years old, and still as good as new. My V-Rod was 16, still as good as new. My BMW is 12, still as good as new. If anything, the way things keep improving, we can make these bikes better than new with the upgrades now available to us, but that’s a whole other topic :) Glad to hear from you my friend!

  3. Lay Monk Jeffery

    I purchased a 2023 Interceptor back in January. I had been off since 2010 due to health. I used to race and after 30 years my injuries caught up with me. I am able to ride again! Befote I purchased my RE I searched far and wide for a Bonny and no success! I have no vibration issues with my bike. One of the first things I did was install adjustable levers. I purchased my RE because it took me back to my youth. It’s like have a bike from the 70’s w/fuel injection. Funny you mention attractions. I have men stopping asking about my bike. Most think I have restored a old bike. 2 guys made me cash offers on the spot!
    I have made modifications to my bike. Tires were one. I thought they were a bit skinny and I went with a 30/70 tires so I could get out of traffic and I also go fly fishing and camping. I did have a custom seat made for it along with some custom side panels (scrambler-ish style). The lean on the bike was too aggressive for my beat up body so bars and pullback risers were called for.
    Longevity, good question! I have had firing issues after 1000-1400 miles. The right bank had a weak contact in the plug wire. I have also noticed that the ignition is intermittent! This will need to be replaced under warranty. The signal lamps appear to be very cheap and I am replacing those with aluminum quality signals. I find the engine to be gorgeous (to each his own right). The exhaust (slip-ons) are quite heavy and I like the Bonny style so I did install AEW slip-ons. Better sound note, better acceleration.. You are very right about will it last! I look at the glass half full and I think the engine is good. Wiring is my bigger concern along with the finish of components. This takes me back to the 70’s again. I think the bike is a transport back in time and with that said, the problems might be there as well.
    One thing I do like is the fact that accessories are affordable and there is quite a bit out there. S&S jumping on board also gives me a bit of assurance. Being a prior HD owner I know that S&S would not have come on board without doing there due diligence.
    The fuel gauge is another area where RE could have done better! I have not had too many bikes with one and normally go by mileage. I was a bit disappointed for the fact that the fuel gauge will flash one bar when there is still 1.7 U.S Gal. Still in the tank! I don’t know if assembly is bending the float rod upon assembly or not but the fuel gauge is a definite issue. The headlamp bucket has weak chrome.
    But, with all of that said, being that I am disabled. The 3 year warranty was a big part of my decision making as I could have waited for a Bonny to come available but what I was finding here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas, the used Bonnie’s were the same price just about as the new RE that I purchased!
    I use my bike as a daily driver and like I stated, a little fly fishing and camping. The Tusk panniers I installed along with the aluminum basket (stronger than the milk crate) gives ample room for cargo. I also travel with two jerrycans of petrol.
    I am about to paint my Interceptor and see about placing on BikeBound. The RE gives me joy of simplicity and takes me back to a better time with its nostalgic looks. Sure it has its flaws but so did my HD, my Kawasaki 900, my Honda 1100 and every bike before.
    We choose a bike for certain reasons and hopefully every buyer does his or her due diligence. I have accepted the flaws and hope that my little 650 serves me well in the years to come. I have found that the purest (fanboys as you call them) are mainly in India with a few in the northern states of America. Sure there are a few everywhere but that’s were most seem to be in all of the forums.
    I do wonder if the guy that had the catastrophic failure followed the break-in recommendations? I had a friend Gee back in 87’ that had catastrophic failure on his FZ 600 Yamaha. He had less than 400 miles on the bike! It’s not that often that you hear something like that happening that’s for sure!
    I enjoyed your article and look forward to more in the future.

    Thanks and keep the rubber side down,
    Lay Monk Jeffery
    Monk on a motorcycle

    Pax Et Bonum

  4. Mihka’el Caron

    I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your content has been quite helpful for me.

    My friends from Allthingsaustria recommended your site and I’ve not been disappointed at all :)

    Mihkael Caron

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