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Response to Feedback: 2022 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review

In August I published a video called “Hater” reviews a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. The title, “hater” was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. It was meant to poke fun at the internet fanboy culture that thinks anyone who calls out a flaw in their motorcycle can’t possibly be right. Their motorcycle is perfect. The criticism is only because the reviewer is a “hater” and their opinion is invalid, whether or not it’s based on fact.

A thread about my video went viral on a Royal Enfield fanboy forum. I received a lot of very negative comments from the Royal Enfield fanboy army. Most of it was lacking sound logic or reason, but my favorite comment was a poorly worded death threat. I had kicked the bee’s nest, and they were frantically upset about it.

watch this video

Watch this video!

My original plan was to make an article, and this video, replying one by one to all of the comments left on that video, positive and negative, openly to make everything crystal clear. I decided I’ll simply say this instead:

The reality is that there are a lot of people out there with fragile egos. They are snowflakes who are more than just financially and emotionally invested into their motorcycles, they are also ego-invested into their motorcycles.

In their mental state, to criticize their motorcycle is to criticize that person themselves. So rather than acknowledge that every motorcycle has pros and cons, they take criticisms very personally, when they have absolutely no reason to.

When I did a review of my own favorite motorcycle, one that I had and loved for half a decade, my Harley-Davidson V-Rod, did I say it was a perfect motorcycle? No. Did I say the pros of my favorite motorcycle far outweighed the cons? No. I said that my own favorite motorcycle has 19 individual cons, compared to only 21 pros.

I’m confident enough to stand in front of a camera and put my name and face out there and discuss the upsides and the many, many downsides of my own vehicle choices. I’m not going to hide behind a keyboard blubbering out nonsense at the man in front of the camera because he didn’t like my built-to-a-pricepoint bike and that hurt my feelings.

So you can make a choice: Be mad at me for telling you all of the flaws, shortcomings, weaknesses, and corners cut on your motorcycle, or admit no motorcycle is perfect. Remember, just because you really like something doesn’t mean it’s great. If you really like something, all that means is that it’s great for you, and that should be enough for you. You shouldn’t need it to be great for everyone for you to be happy, and you shouldn’t feel happy if it isn’t great enough for anyone else.

To the loser who got upset to the point of sending me a death threat in the comments section of a YouTube video because I dared to say your precious Royal Enfield is a budget bike with budget components made by a budget brand:
Dear friend, I’m not the hater. You are.

To the Royal Enfield owners who were cool, who just said you loved your Royal Enfields, you enjoy them, you haven’t had any problems with them, or you you’ve had small issues and still love them:
You guys are 100% awesome to me because you watched the video, you thought about it, and you said yeah okay, but I really like my motorcycle and I really enjoy it! – and that’s all that matters. I hope you guys love them forever, I hope they keep making you happy every time you fire them up, and I thank you for being reasonable mature human beings.

Ride safe everyone,


If you haven’t checked out my Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 review video, here it is:

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