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Best truck cover for f150

The Best F150 Truck Cover

If you want to keep your truck looking new for as long as possible, you’ll want the best Ford F150 truck cover you can get. We tested this one inside and out against hundreds of pounds of snow and ice in freezing temperatures.

The best Ford F150 truck cover is the Platinum Shield Truck Cover from from CarCovers.com. It protects from UV rays from the sun as well as from rain and snow, and comes with a breathable exterior and a fleece lined interior. Both the inside and outside of this cover offer great protection for your F150. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to fit.

We put the Platinum Shield truck cover to the test by letting it 9 inches (22 centimeters) of snow fall on it, before trying to take the cover off. The test was to see if the cover would take or receive any damage from hundreds of pounds of weight placed on it in extreme conditions. In this review we’ll go over what’s in the box, what’s the quality like, and how well does it actually perform. Take a look!

watch this video

Watch this video!

Why use a truck cover on your Ford F150?

A truck is a big investment. Some people use truck covers to keep their trucks pristine for as long as possible. Others use truck covers to keep their trucks safe from dust and debris flying around. Some people even have high end custom paintjobs that they want to protect from the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays.

I use a truck cover because I park my truck outdoors year round. That  includes all of the great white winter up in Canada. Let me tell you, leaving for work after a snowfall sucks. Going to work in snowy conditions is bad enough. But after a snow fall you need to spend the first thirty minutes of your commute scraping ice off your windshield and windows, and brushing snow off the rest of your truck.

Putting on a truck cover before snowfall means in the morning you can just take the cover off and leave for work. Your car will be as clear as it was before the snow fall when you covered it. Sure, the cover helps to keep your truck overall cleaner and helps to preserve your paint and your interior. But, me, I’m just excited about being able to save 30 minutes of ice clearing time.

What will this Ford F150 truck cover review actually cover?

We’ll look at these four topics to determine whether or not the Platinum Shield is the best Ford F150 truck cover:

  1. What’s included in the box
  2. The quality of the cover
  3. The fit of the cover
  4. The performance of the cover

One thing to note: Our trucks are probably not the same. I’m testing this cover on a 2006 Ford F150 Harley-Davidson Edition. My F150 is equipped with a motorcycle lift in the bed of the truck.

CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Truck Cover – What’s included in the box?

We couldn’t do a CarCovers.com Platinum Shield truck cover review without covering what’s in the box. During the unboxing we found the truck cover came with:

  • Instructions including Frequently Asked Questions sheet
  • A cable lock and key
  • Some string
  • Bungee cords and clips
  • Antenna and hole patches
  • A bag for the cover
  • The cover itself

What’s the quality of the cover like?

Just like the CarCovers.com Platinum Shield SUV cover I reviewed last year, the Platinum Shield Truck Cover oozes premium finish the second you first touch it. The cover is thick but breathable, meaning you won’t have to worry about trapping moisture under the cover. The reflective outside layer will let your F150 breath while still keeping rain, ice, and snow off. The underside of the cover is fleece lined so it won’t scratch your paint’s finish.

The quality of the grommets, and the additional goodies and extras included with the cover add to the overall impression that you’re wrapping your truck in something developed to take excellent care of it.

What’s the fit like?

For 2021, CarCovers.com has 12 different shapes of truck cover for your F150 available. All you have to do is pick your configuration. For my year, 2006, they have options for all 14 truck size configurations that the F150 was available in that year.

F150 Truck cover configuration

My truck cover felt snug enough to keep the elements out for the front half of the truck. The back half wasn’t a great fit, but that’s the nature of having a motorcycle lift in the bed of your truck. As long as you pick the right configuration for your truck you won’t have to worry about fit.

Is this the best truck cover for F150?

I strongly recommend you scroll back up to the top of this page and check out the video review of the CarCovers Platinum Shield Truck Cover. In the video you’ll see up close the quality of the double-stitched panels. I’ll also show you well they are able to support literally hundreds of pounds of weight.

We put the Platinum Shield to the test by letting it take three snowfalls over the span of the week. That became a total of about 9 inches (22 centimeters) of heavy wet snow. Rather than brush the snow off, we wanted to really put the cover to the test by removing the cover with the 9 inches of snow still on top of it. The idea was to test not only the cover’s strength to withstand such weight and not rip apart, but also the idea that using a truck cover can save you a lot of time brushing off snow in the winter.

In our test the cover was buried in 9″ of cold wet snow for days, in freezing cold temperatures. The cover came off of the truck without leaving any traces on the truck, or any signs of wear on the cover. The cover held up perfectly to extreme weight in extreme conditions. It protected the truck and showed very impressive strength under tremendous weight.


Over five years ago I got a Platinum Shield Motorcycle Cover and I’ve been using it ever since. Two years ago, I got the Platinum Shield SUV Cover, but I sold it with my SUV. Last year when I got my truck, there was no question what cover I was going to get, and where I was going to get it from. The fit and finish of the CarCovers Platinum Shield Truck Cover is second to none. It is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best truck cover for your F150.

I receive no compensation. Whether or not you buy one of these covers will not benefit me. But I can honestly tell you that I enthusiastically recommend that you check out the Platinum Shield line of covers from CarCovers.com. This is my third cover from them in about 6-7 years and there is a reason why I get them for all of my vehicles. These covers are top quality.

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