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Top 7 Best Apps for Motorcyclists

The app market for motorists has been steadily growing as those observant phone tinkerers continue to look for ways to make our time on the road easier and more enjoyable. However, up until recently it’s been the car drivers and their passengers who have received the lion’s share of the attention from app developers.

Fortunately, burgeoning interest in appealing to motorcyclists means that there’s now a greater range than ever before of useful, high-quality apps available to bikers of every stripe. We’ve assembled seven of our current favourites – the merest tip of the app iceberg! Each of these apps can be found on either the Google Play Store or Apple’s iTunes store. These are the 7 best apps for motorcyclists.

We have weather apps, road and safety resources, map work, and we even teach you how to avoid the cops!

Start with #7 and #6.

iPhone Windchill Index App for Motorcyclists
7: Windchill Index

Windchill has a huge effect on motorcyclists. A twenty minute ride at 0 degrees in the city at 40 km/hr would actually feel like -7 degrees to a rider. If he or she were taking that same commute at a highway speed it would feel like -11 degrees. Windchill Index allows you to quickly see what the temperature would feel like based on wind speeds and your own riding speed, so you can decide if you’re properly suited for your ride.

6: Rain Alert

Rain, the rider’s regular foe. As the app’s title might suggest Rain Alarm is a simple yet elegant tool designed to help you prepare for precipitation. By using the weather service radar information of whatever country you happen to riding in (check country coverage prior to purchasing) the app lets you know how much rain is on the way and when you can expect it.

The alarms can be personalised too, so if you don’t mind a little dampness you can have the app ignore the rain until there’s something serious on the way. It’s all up to you.

Forget about the weather, on to #5!
Moto X Mayhem

5: Moto X Mayhem

Did your weather apps tell you it riding today might not be the best idea? Keep riding even when you aren’t riding!

This side scrolling racer app works by tilting your iPhone to accelerate allowing you to negotiate off-road obstacles including hill climbs and massive jumps. You’ll find this little beauty highly addictive as you try repeatedly to smash your best times in order to rank up against the best riders online!

Read on to quit goofing around and hit the road.

4: Pocket First Aid & CPR

This is an absolutely invaluable app for riders who like to get off the beaten path and explore less-travelled roads. The app contains literally hundreds of interactive pages complete with demonstration videos and pictures that cover critical first aid situations.

While there are a variety of advanced safety technologies in development that will make roads much safer for riders, it’s always best to be prepared. Everything from properly bandaging a cut to making a splint for a broken bone is in there, meaning that should you find yourself far from civilization and assistance you can still patch yourself up.

You might be thinking that a lack of signal could render the app useless. Well think again because all of the medical information is stored in the phone itself. Of course, you might not have any battery life, on account of all of the riding our next app will how you with.

On to our top 3 motorcycle apps!

3: Best Biking Roads

Simply tap in your address and find a world of great riding routes open up before your eyes. With over 10,000 routes covering 80 countries from around the world, there is bound to be at least a couple that grab your attention. The best thing is that the list is constantly expanding as riders log their journeys and share them with the community.

Whatever you’re looking for, be it a slow and scenic jaunt or a more pacy, thrilling ride, this app has you covered as each route is neatly categorised in order to help you on your way with the minimum of fuss. So get out there and perhaps share some routes of your own.

Speaking of sharing routes, you’re going to love the next app, #2 on our list.

2: Trapster

Why take the gloss off your ride with annoying speeding fines when you could spend that money on something much more fun? With Trapster you’ll never be taken unawares by a speed trap or camera again. The app logs the location of over 6 million cameras and similar speed-tracking measures worldwide and gives the rider advanced warning when they are approaching any one of them. Save yourself frustration and cash so you can focus on the important task at hand – enjoying the ride.

The bonus benefits of Trapster for motorcyclists are that people also report things like construction sites, lanes restricted, accidents, red light cameras, and more. These not only help keep you safe from fines, but they can keep you safe from traffic jams, but they keep you safe from potential road hazards and unpleasant riding conditions as well.

Are you excited yet? It’s time for our #1 motorcycle app!
Pirelli Diablo Super Bike Motorcycle App

1: Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

This app is a bit of a misnomer. You don’t need Pirelli tires, or a super bike to appreciate it.

Super Biker has been my favourite motorcycle app for years, and it’s free! You can use it in either Track mode or Road mode. The app will track your riding, by GPS, and will recreate your route for you on a map where you can see data for various points, including speed and lean angles at corners.

On Rode mode the app also tells you the length of your ride, your max speed, average speed, and your best lean angle. You can even replay your ride via this data. Additionally, in Track mode, the app will tell you your fastest lap time.

You can even compare two laps to see exactly where you performed better. If track days aren’t your thing you can use the app to track your commute every morning for a week and look back on where you lose time most frequently to fine-tune the perfect ride to work. In reality though this app is most fun for weekend motoring and reviewing your rides in app or online.

Bonus App: YouMotorcycle has an app out. It’s a mobile and tablet friendly way of reading the website, and of course, it’s free!

Bonus Bonus App: bikerMetric, our favourite source for metric custom choppers, bobbers, and cafe racers, also has a free app now as well!

We don’t ask much of our readers… but if you have an app you’d like to suggest, please leave a comment!

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    • I use the MyRadar app which shows location, strength and direction of approaching storms. It lays the storms over a map of North America and the colors within the storms show the intensity. It’s like the weather on TV, but far more detailed and with multiple layers I haven’t had the need to figure out yet. Jefe

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  18. To any app developers out there. I’m about to change the paint job on my bike from the POW scheme to something different. I figured there was an app for that. You know, upload a pic of my bike, probably from multiple angles and then let me customize a new paint scheme. You could incorporate incorporate common decals and paint jobs, and even have a place to swap out original parts with popular aftermarket parts like forced air intakes, horn covers, and even handlebars. Three app could even work with cars and trucks. A well designed shop like that, if pay top dollar for. It would save me dip much time and hassle. Of your anything like me and the group I ride with, there isn’t anything we like more than personalizing our bikes.

    • Hi Donnie, this is actually pretty easy to do on photoshop. Here’s a tutorial on how to change your motorcycle’s color in photoshop. If you don’t have photoshop or can’t be bothered, consider posting a job on Fiver.com, a website where people can hire someone to do work for them for $5. You can post a picture of your motorcycle along with a job description like “photoshop my bike red” and someone will do the work for you.

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