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Victoria Merideth

Victoria Merideth: Calling All Extreme Sports Modeling Agencies

You meet the coolest people on Twitter. Case in point: Meet Victoria Merideth, the twenty year old dirt bike rider from Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Victoria Merideth - Extreme Sports Model

If you’re a straight male motorcyclist, checking out the media Victoria has posted on her Twitter will set heart a flutter. We’re not sure why she doesn’t have more followers, but that could change pretty soon.

Victoria Merideth - Number 68

Victoria’s been into extreme sports from an early age. Victoria says she thrives on energy and chaos, and loves the way extreme sports make her feel. As for her prom date, yeah, our guess is it was a bike:

Victoria Merideth in her Prom Dress

And a few more pics before we go, because, well, Superheroes need no introductions:

Victoria Merideth - Superhero

A black and white shot:

Victoria Merideth - Photo Shoot

One final glamour shot:

Victoria Merideth - Number 301

That’s it, folks. Victoria works at Octane Raceway and rides dirt bikes. She wants to be a promotional model, support motocross, and eventually be a journalist and mechanic.

Any time there are women out there looking to get into the sport, whether simply as riders or to work in the industry, and bring passion and enthusiasm for motor sports and power sports, we all win. Keep it up, Victoria!

If you think you can help her out or work with her along the way, reach out to her via Twitter: @MotoInADress.

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  1. I’m thinking if you’re a gay FEMALE cyclist, Victoria’s posts would have the same effect. :-)
    But, hey…..who’s debating gender or preferences at at time like this. Let’s see some video of her actually riding!

  2. Victoria Merideth: Calling all extreme sports modeling agencies http://t.co/e8BD3Qqpmz @MotoInADress

  3. Hey, its me, Victoria Merideth! I’ve got a Harley now, and have a lot going on in the motorcycle community! Maybe we could do another article?!

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