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Freyja Van Siren

21 Questions with Model Freyja Van Siren

YM: How many necks have snapped from taking a second look at the bombshell riding by on a motorcycle? Is it safe to say the local chiropractors and massage therapists love you?
FVS: I live in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida is known for sunshine, beautiful beaches and what else, but the insanity of our Daytona bike events! Oh, and our scantily clad motorcycle vixens who always seem to be carrying a big ol’ set of “Florida’s Best” oranges! Yes…we grow them bigger and better in the south! (Or we buy them from the best!)

YM: What are your thoughts on all of that?
FVS: My question is…Where the hell do all of the women go when the festivities end? I am shocked and very excited when I see another woman on a motorcycle. I guess I am not the only one! I have only had extremely positive reactions…even from people who traditionally would not be very accepting of “bikers” or women who are heavily tattooed. Then again, in a world of black and white I tend to be the gray with hot pink accessories!

Freyja Van Siren

YM What got you into motorcycling?
FVS: Motorcycles have been in my blood since birth, Darlin’!

YM: Who do we have to thank for that?
FVS: My Papa Bear

YM: What are you currently riding?
FVS: I just had my cherry 1975 Kawasaki kz400 mechanically and aesthetically ruined for me by a very well-known and established vintage motorcycle shop. It was systematically devastated: laid down, left outside for three months, splattered with paint, had parts broken off, and steel wool taken to all of the chrome. I could keep going, but I’ll end up flinging my laptop against the wall!
…on a lighter note… I am very blessed! I have a special and dear friend who is almost done restoring my new baby, a 1974 Harley-Davidson Aermacchi SS 350 Sprint. I cannot wait! She should be ready in about two weeks.

YM: What else have you taken out?
FVS: 1946 Indian with a suicide shift, just once, from Ventura to Los Angeles. I took the really scenic route, miles and miles of the PCH, up through the Malibu Canyons to the Rock Store and back down the coastline… killer!
I’ve also rode every size, shape, and color of Harley-Davidson ever made.

Freyja Van Siren

YM: Got any secrets?
FVS: Damn it, for the 100th time, God doesn’t make ‘em like this, of course they’re fake! …But, no, that isn’t it! I RESPECT traditional American made Harley-Davidsons, but, I am a café racer girl. Bring on the vintage British, Italian, etc. Tough as nails and fast as shit… Oh, Daddy!

YM: What was your most memorable motorcycle ride, event, or adventure?
FVS: Knowing I had passed on the tradition when my two year old daughter stood by the bike, crying with her arms stretched up and wanting to ride. My pops and I smashed her between us and took her around the block. She squealed! She’s thirteen now.

YM: Any negative attention from the motorcycle riding?
FVS: Never.

Freyja Van Siren 6

YM: What does being an alternative model mean for your life versus the regular Jane?
FVS: I have sparkled since birth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just that – a lifestyle. Imagine working in 6+ inch fetish heels, a latex/rubber outfit, in the freezing cold or sweltering heat, add a few exotic animals in the mix, and do it for six straight hours.
Freyja Van SirenOther than that… nothing really! I always make a point to personally thank people. I make a huge effort to remember birthdays, cross promote and just be a real person, because that is what I am. I throw the F-bomb when I get up in the middle of the night and stub my toe. I can turn a wrench and do it well. I just happen to sparkle, smell pretty, and wear heels while I am doing it. I love everything there is about being a woman, but I’ll be damned if that makes me helpless. I have always been hell in a great set of heels!

YM: You’re sitting on a bar patio enjoying a drink when an average looking guy parks his motorcycle out front and comes in to the bar. Struck by your looks, he stumbles on how to approach you. What should he say to you?
FVS: Just speak! Don’t compliment me, women are numb at this point in the game. Make strong eye contact, introduce yourself and ask to sit down. Talk to me like a real person. Talk about something other than me, I dislike talking about myself. If I haven’t started fidgeting, responding quickly, or giving you the death stare you’re safe so far. Be sure to recheck for the signs periodically, and leave quickly if you see them.

YM: Same setting, what should he absolutely NOT say to you?
FVS: Contemplate your choice in footwear before you reference any part of your manhood touching my body. I am damn fast in stilettos and have a killer right hook!

Freyja Van SirenYM: Have you gotten any terrible pick-up lines or strange approaches from men?
FVS: On the daily! It has gotten to the point that I either finish the pick up line for them, one up their line, or ask if that’s ever worked for them.

YM: Have you ever done a photo shoot involving motorcycles?
FVS: Sure have, Darlin’! Shotguns and whiskey bottles!

YM: What did you like about it?
FVS: Pure sensuality. It is so natural. Both the lines of a woman and those of a motorcycle are the same. .

YM: Couldn’t agree more. Ever done anything else involving a motorcycle?
FVS: Like rebuilding and engine or calibration my carburetors? I’ve never had a problem maintaining my own lubricants.

YM: What’s your biggest pet peeve while riding?
FVS: I hate when other motorcyclists ride like idiots and give us all a bad reputation. Pay attention to the road, not your cell phones!

YM: What’s your best advice for women thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle?
FVS: Darlin’, quit being the “bitch” and ride your own!

YM: Ever dated a guy who rode?
FVS: OK…who was the idiot who wrote the questions?

YM: What did you like?
FVS: Mmmm…a real man…on a motorcycle…with the smell of his skin, the air from the ride, leather and exhaust …cigarette break!!!!

YM: What didn’t you like?
FVS: What kind of question is that?

YM: Will you marry us?
FVS: Hell, yes!

Whiskey kisses,
Freyja Van Siren

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