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Bikerisma Clothing for Motorcyclists

Bikerisma Clothing for Motorcyclists

These days it seems like everyone’s peddling motorcycle-clothing. Often enough, it’s plain to see that the designs on these shirts were concocted by someone who probably doesn’t actually understand a thing about motorcycles. That’s why it’s nice to see a company that actually, genuinely, gets it. Bikerisma (formerly known as The Biker’s T-Shirt) is one such company. They make t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, v-necks, tank tops, hoodies and even skirts aimed at male and female motorcyclists alike.

I’m going to frame this review around four things I expect you’ll find important in an online moto clothing provider: Selection, fit, quality vs. pricing, and delivery.


The selection at Bikerisma is pretty impressive, with 45 different mens t-shirts and 48 different womens t-shirts at the time of this article being written. If you’re reading this somewhere in the future, I could see that number increasing, as it seems like even in the last few months they’ve been busy adding a lot new designs. The designs themselves range from the stuff you’d expect to see at biker swap meets for decades: eagles, skulls, v-twin engines, and something rah-rah about freedom, because ‘Merica (although they spell favorite with a U, as in favourite, so there’s that). But there’s more new stuff out there too: Newer takes on bike life such as “I got 99 problems but the bike ain’t one” or “Sweat Blood Gasoline” show a more modern take on traditional moto apparel. Tribal kittens don’t hurt either.

Final word: Since I first spoke to Bikerisma, their selection has expanded tremendously, and it’s great to see a company trying to offer more and more variety to motorcyclists, well done.

Bikerisma t-shirt fit


We had two shirts to sample. The first was a men’s long sleeve t-shirt in a size Medium. Sleeve length was perfect, which your lanky monkey-armed writer doesn’t often get to say about long sleeve t-shirts. However, the long sleeve tee was a bit barrel shaped around the torso, and it would take me many a case of beer to better fill it. Your results may vary.

The second shirt we had to try on was a women’s v-neck in a size Small. The fit was perfect both in length and in width. Model’s comments: “The fit of the t-shirt is true to size and I found it comfortable.”

Final word: If you’re a guy who prefers American sizing over a European fit, these t-shirts are for you, if not, move along. For women, the shirts are an average fit and should fit most ladies comfortably. There may be a difference in long sleeve vs. short sleeve fits, but I’ll get into that next.

Quality vs. Pricing

Right, well, let’s get on with it. The long sleeve mens shirts seem to be printed on American Apparel t-shirts. The short sleeve mens shirts seem to be printed on Gildan t-shirts. As someone who’s worked in Marketing for well over a decade, these are two of my favorite t-shirt companies to work with. The quality of the material, stitching, and printing, is all excellent. It should be noted that Gildan and American Apparel shirts do have a different fit though, with the Gildan shirts being more form fitting, and American Apparel being more fitting to barrel shaped men. Pick accordingly.

As far as pricing, that’s subjective, but for under $30 USD you could get a quality motorcycle-specific t-shirt delivered right to your door pretty much anywhere in the United States or Canada. If you like the style more than you like $30, it’s a good deal.

Final word: Quality is spot on, Bikerisma is using quality t-shirt suppliers. Pricing is subjective but if you like the design, it’s probably worth it and will last you many washes.


I’ll keep it short, delivery was quick. About a week to clear customs and arrive here and Canada, probably less time in the United States.


Bikerisma’s selection of moto-wear or moto-apparel is already impression and seems to be continuously expanding. Fit seems a little inconsistent between t-shirt types and genders, but the info above should help you decide what will be best for you. The quality is excellent as they are using shirts from clothing industry leaders, not second-rate suppliers, and pricing seems fair. Delivery isn’t next-day quick, but it’s still fast enough.

While you’re looking at the t-shirts offered by Bikerisma, you may also want to check out Menace Clothing Co T-Shirts & Hoodies For Motorcyclists!

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