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Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly Review

Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly Review

Is this the best motorcycle dolly in 2021? In this Black Widow pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly review we’ll cover what comes in the box, how to assemble the dolly, and do a side by side comparison with a generic motorcycle dolly so you can see all of the reasons this dolly is one of the best additions to your garage you could get.

By the end of this review you’ll get a feel for everything to know about this motorcycle dolly, and why it might be the best on the market today.

watch this video

Watch this video!


The Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly comes nicely packaged. Cutting through some tape and wrap reveals a thought out packaging job that keeps everything contained and stops your dolly from getting any scratches before it gets to you.

The box contained all parts needed, two Allen keys (or hex wrenches), and an instruction booklet. In typical Black Widow Pro fashion, the instruction booklet was well-written, gave an organized list of all parts (check before beginning assembly), and large high quality pictures.


Those high quality pictures and easy to follow instructions make assembly of the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly a breeze. For a run through of how to easily assemble this motorcycle dolly, see the video above.

Assembly instructions - Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly Review

Below is a quick summary for those who don’t like watching videos:

  • Screw an M10x30 through a crush washer, a washer, the brackets that hold the caster wheels, and then into the two-hole piece. Repeat with eight bolts.
  • Screw an M10x30 through a crush washer, a washer, the plate that holds the kick stand, and then into the one-hole piece. Repeat with two bolts.
  • Screw two hex-headed bolts through a washer, through the remaining caster bracket, into the other side of the kick-stand tray.
  • Attach the caster brackets to the caster via a M10x40 and a lock nut. You’ll need to use a wrench (not included) to hold the nut while you tighten the bolt.
  • Slide the brackets into the side of the channel and then tightening them once you have them in place. The only thing to note is that they should be at least 10” down from the ends of the dolly.
  • Tighten everything up.

Testing the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

Now that the dolly is assembled, it’s time to test the functionality, performance, and ease of use.

Loading the motorcycle on the dolly

Before testing the dolly, all of the wheels were put into the lock position to avoid the dolly rolling away when trying to move a motorcycle onto it. With the wheels locked, my 620 lb Harley-Davidson V-Rod easily rolled up onto the dolly, although the dolly did lift a little under the initial weight of the V-Rod, however, this wasn’t noticeable in terms of feel from the motorcycle seat.

Motorcycle riders of average height, with motorcycles of average seat height, will find getting off of their motorcycles when they are on the dolly easy. However if you have something like a V-Strom 1000 with a 33.5” seat height, you might prefer to walk the bike on the dolly rather than ride it.

Rolling the dolly around with a motorcycle on it

The first thing to do before rolling the dolly around is making sure all of those casters are unlocked. Once unlocked, it was amazing the ease with which I was able to roll my 620 lb Harley-Davidson Night Rod around the garage.

One finger pushing - Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

I stand about 5’10”, 5’11” on a good day, and weigh about 165 lbs. With my frame I stand a better chance of winning a MotoGP race than I do making it into the NFL, but I was still able to push my Harley-Davidson around the garage with only two fingers, sometimes just one finger, or a little pressure from my flip-flop clad foot.

Comparison to other (generic) motorcycle dollies

The maneuverability of the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly comes down to the size and quality of the casters and their bearings which do a fantastic job of rolling smoothly and predictably even over rough and uneven cement.

In comparison, my generic motorcycle dolly came with cheap metal casters that were less than half the diameter of the Black Widow’s solid hard rubber wheels. The casters of the cheap generic dolly often get stuck in grooves in the concrete, or blemishes in the concrete. If there’s a crack or chip missing from your concrete garage floor, you’ll feel it and often get stuck with a cheap generic dolly, whereas the Black Widow glides over it smoothly like it isn’t even there.

Comparison - Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly Review

For me, a huge point of differentiation between the two dollies is that my Harley-Davidson V-Rod simply will not fit on the generic motorcycle dolly. My 250cc KYMCO Venox baby cruiser from my student days fits on it just fine, but my mid-size 1,130cc Harley will only fit on the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly.

Likewise, the Black Widow is not only longer, but wider as well. The generic dolly seems like it won’t be able to take a motorcycle tire wider than 180mm, whereas the Black Widow seems like it could squeeze up to a 300mm rear tire.

A final key difference between the two, and perhaps the most important, is that the cheaper, generic dollies are made from steel, compared to the solid aluminum that Black Widow uses. The thick solid aluminum won’t rust out or get pitted like the thin steel would.

Update: Recently we got our hands on a Let’s Roll Motorcycle Dolly & Lift. This two-in-one combination allows you to use a lift to lift up your motorcycle, and then lower it onto the dolly. While the Let’s Roll dolly is quite good, and takes up less space than the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly, having to jack up the bike first is annoying. The Let’s roll motorcycle also isn’t as good as Black Widow’s motorcycle jack and is much more expensive. In my opinion, the options from Black Widow Pro are better options.

Final review of the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly

Is the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly a good buy? Is the value there?

The Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly can carry 1,500 lbs, meaning it can take on more weight than any motorcycle on the market today and it’s made from aluminum, so you won’t ever have to worry about rust or this thing falling apart.

Personally, my favorite thing about it is that I can roll my motorcycle out of the way, or wherever I need it to be, in seconds, using only one hand. This is excellent for somebody who doesn’t have a lot of space and needs to find a way to easily squeeze both car and motorcycle into a single car garage. It’s also perfect for someone like me who just has too many toys and wants to keep as much usable space as possible.

A close second favorite feature of this motorcycle dolly is that it’s long enough and wide enough that a big touring motorcycle, or even my mid-size Harley-Davidson can fit on it just fine, and you can adjust the kickstand rest in just seconds if you want to switch from one motorcycle to another.

To sum it all up, if you have a bigger bike, or space is at a premium, the Black Widow Pro Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly is worth spending extra on. It’s the perfect garage accessory for a motorcyclist with a particular need, and a top quality product that will give a lifetime of moving motorcycles with total ease.

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