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Erik Buell’s FUELL Fllow – Now Available For Pre-Order

The FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle is now up for pre-orders! This bike is the brainchild of legendary engineer and motorcycle creator Erik Buell. Anyone who’s been around the motorcycle world for a while knows Erik’s been around the block a few times and knows a thing or two about making cool stuff. Whether or not his toys are commercial successes or not is another story.

So, why should anyone consider buying a Fllow? Well, Buell’s has done his homework. He’s been digging into the future of mobility and how cities are going to get all “smart” and stuff. Buell’s betting on electric, and specifically on this motorcycle which claims to have the range of a street bike, the performance of a supersport, and a storage capacity that’s better than my Vespa.

watch this video

Watch this video!

Erik’s got some serious street cred when it comes to motorcycles. He’s the genius behind the Buell Motorcycle Company, which eventually teamed up with Harley-Davidson. The goal was to push American motorcycling forward. The two were odd bedfellows and it resulted in an ill-fated pairing. Despite that, over 130,000 motorcycles bare Buell’s name. Now Erik’s ready to amp things up with Fllow.

The Fllow e-moto range isn’t just about looking cool (though it does that… if you think it does), it’s got some serious brains too. With a high voltage system, it supercharges up to full in 30 minutes on what Buell calls “public chargers”. They’ve somehow managed to get a respectable 150 mile/240 km range into it too. The Fllow finally closes the range gap between electric motorcycles and your average internal combustion engine street motorcycle.

As for storage space, at 50 liters of capacity, it’s got more storage room than most scooters out there!

But wait, there’s more! The FUELL Fllow boasts a 150+ mile/240 km range, 750 Nm of torque, 35kW/47 horsepower, a top speed of 85mph/140kmh, 30 minute super fast charging, 50 liters of storage, and one terrible name. It also boasts connectivity and safety tech for millennials who depend on technology to support their fragile sense of self-worth.

All of the self-affirmation you’ll feel riding around on your FUELL Fllow comes at a price though. If you order now it’s $10,495.00 on pre-order. That’s a $2,500 discount off from the $12,995 retail price you’ll pay after the pre-order. Over $10,000 is a tough pill to swallow for what is essentially a rolling experiment, but we trust the Buell name enough to think, if you’ve got that much extra cash lying around, and space for one more bike, there are a lot worse ways to spend it.

So, if you’re all about zipping through the city in style (kind of), with a touch of eco-friendliness, Fllow might just be your new BFF. Erik Buell and his team of whiz engineers have put their hearts and souls into this futuristic ride, and you can bet it’s gonna be one heck of a journey into the urban commuting future! Pre-order yours now and get ready to hit the streets with the coolest e-commuter around!

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