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M2 Exit on a Scooter

M2 Exit Test for 125cc Motorcycles or 150cc Scooter in Ontario

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In Ontario we have a three-class motorcycle licensing system. There is a beginner class (M1 – written test), an intermediate class (M2 – riding test), and finally your full M class license. Unfortunately, the vehicle-specific requirements, definition of vehicles, and options available get a little blurry in the bureaucracy, and many small displacement motorcycle and cruiser riders are left in the mess…

M2 exit scooters

… but don’t worry, that’s what YouMotorcycle is here for.

  • Hi! I’m looking for advice on the exit to “M” for my motorcycle license. My issue is that I have a 150cc scooter, and I’ve phoned the Ministry of Transportation, and they said I can’t do the test because I can’t ride on a 400 series highway with a scooter that can’t exceed more than 80-90km/hr. They recommended I borrow a motorbike to use instead. But I don’t feel comfortable driving a motorcycle. I did use a motorcycle for a course, but that was nearly 4 years ago, and I haven’t looked at one since. I was wondering if you had advice as to what to do about getting my full M, or even at this point an ML license. I’ve been considering just selling the thing because it’s been frustrating finding consistent information.
    Thanks in advance for your advice, Kelly

scooter m2 exit

I replied that the Ministry may have this rule, but most motorcycle riding schools did not. The riding schools have many routes they’re allowed to take students on for the M2 exit test, some are made specifically for vehicles which are not limited in speed and can exceed 80 km/hr., regardless of engine displacement.

I recommended contacting the riding schools and asked Kelly if any progress was made. 5 days after the first email I received this message:

  • Hey!I haven’t made any progress. In fact, it’s one frustrating phone call after the other. No one from the Ministry of Transportation has ever given me a straight answer on what to do besides renting a bike.I find it frustrating that I’m forced into getting a motorcycle license with my 150cc scooter, and then I’m told I can’t go for the license for that vehicle.
    Thanks for the lead to call the riding schools. I’ll give them a try and see what they say.

    Thanks for getting back to me!

So here’s an open invite to the motorcycle riding schools to offer some clarification. First one to contact me with help for Kelly will get their answer posted and a link back to their riding school’s website.

  • “Hey Lisa, Yes, RTI has a specific course and test route for people in this category. We can put someone on a 150cc scooter through their M2-exit course and test and they will have a full M license upon passing.We call this our “non-highway” course, but it’s exactly the same course as our regular M2-exit for larger displacement motorcycles, only the expressway portion has an 80km/h speed limit. Here is a link to the website: http://www.ridertraining.ca/courses_strategies.html Kelly should call RTI and identify wanting to take an M2-exit course on a 150cc scooter. Barb.”So there you go, they can get the full m with RTI.

Thanks for the help, Lisa and Barb. We appreciate it. Hopefully this clears things up for anyone with 150cc or even 125cc motorcycles and scooters. If you have any motorcycle related questions that YouMotorcycle can solve please contact us.

Adrian S.

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  1. I just did a M2 exit test in Guelph Ontario on a Bws 125 and now I have a full M

  2. John Kulchyckyj

    Thanks for the response, i ride a piaggio 150cc scooter, and i was wondering if it’s a full speed motorcycle. I did the M1 exit test on it, and they condisered it to be a full speed bike, i now have my M2. Can you give me any more info, if i can take my 150cc to get my full M. john.

    • They take you on the Hanlon which is a low speed highway top speed is 80kph so the 150 should do it no problem, they follow you around in a chase car you have to wear a walkietalkie with a corded speaker for your ear they tell you instructions prior to what you have to do the whole test didn’t take 15 min. They test you changing lanes how many times you check your mirrors stopping checking over your blinds spots just the basics …good luck

  3. Thanks for the info, in regards to taking my M2 exit, on my piaggio 150cc scoot. One question i would like to ask, where is the hanlon road. Is it in hamilton, sorry i am in the dark about where hanlon road is. john

    • I believe it may be in Guelph (?) but I think the thing to take away from all of this is:
      You will be asked to merge onto a road with an 80 km/hr speed limit. As long as you’re comfortable merging with traffic on an 80 km/hr street, the street itself isn’t all that relevant. I have a Fly 150 myself, I use it as my winter beater bike. That bike can handle that kind of merging without issue, just make sure to do your headchecks, signal on the ramp, and turn off your signals and check your mirrors after the merge. same deal with when you’re asked to change lanes.
      Best of luck!

      • Yep what he said the Hanlon is in Guelph the top speed on it is 80kph unless it is being worked on then it is reduced to 60.

  4. can you take the test at kenora, on a 150cc bike, and can you take the test at the burlington site, on a 150cc bike. I would really appreciate an answer. Sincerely, john.

    • Hi John,
      No one here works for the ministry. Asking us what you can or can’t do at one location is like calling up your family doctor and asking what topings your local pizza place carries.
      Why not just call up the ministry and ask them about specifics like this? Wouldn’t you rather get this kind of information directly from the source?

  5. i was just wondering i live in hamilton, and have no way to get to quelph, or to london. Can you take the M2 exit at kenora in stoney creek, or at the burlington site, on a 150cc scooter?

  6. Can anyone advise what the current route is in London for a 150cc scooter? My test is next week! Any tips or warnings would be appreciated.

  7. I’m up for my M license in a few weeks on my 125cc scooter. It seems that Gueph is the only place in the Toronto area that does the test on a 80 kph road. At Toronto’s Downsview testing centre, they do the test on the 401 (which is likely nowhere near 100 kph because of traffic). I have no way to get to Guelph, so I’ll see if they let me take the test at Downsview.

    It seems extremely strange to me that scooter riders in Canada’s most urban area would have to take a highway test at all. Living downtown, I seldom drive over 60 kph.

  8. I live in Bủlington and I have a Honda Grom. Ít’s a 125cc môtorcycle that ís registered, plated and insured. It can easily do 120km an hour. Can i take it for my M road test? It handles easier than my Suzuki 650 VStorm.

  9. I have a 250cc Honda CBR. RTI website says, max speed tested is 80 Kmph for bikes from 125-250cc for M2 Exit. Does this hold good for CBR250, as it can hit 100Kmph and so the test one should take is for M2 Exit for 100Kmph OR M2 Exit with 80Kmph ?

  10. Thinking of getting a Navi. Am I able to do my exit exam with an automatic motorcycle?

    • Hey Lee! Transmission type is irrelevant. Whether or not your motorcycle is able to safely maintain highway speed is relevant for your M2 exit test. Can you do highway speed on the Navi?

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