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Rosedale Valley Road

Rosedale Valley Road

Rosedale Valley RoadThe City of Toronto is Canada’s most densely-populated urban metropolis. The multicultural city is one of the fastest growing in North America. Not an inch of skyline can be seen without a crane working on the next skyscraper in and around the downtown core. Many Torontonians have taken up motorcycling to escape the urban slug fest known as all day rush hour traffic. We try to ride out of the city as often as we can. Little do we know that the city has some great little roads hidden away waiting to be discovered by a motorcyclist.


rosedale valley road

Rosedale Valley Road is a perfect example of a short little pleasure path for motorcyclists right in the heart of the city.

Much like our trip down the Scarborough Bluffs, Rosedale Valley Road is tucked away, but provides a great ride out of the downtown crawl towards Casa Loma, the Don Valley Parkway, Pottery Rd. and one of Toronto’s weekly motorcycle meets, the Monday night Dairy Queen hangout.

When my father was a patient at Bridgepoint Health I would take Rosedale Valley Road every day to avoid travelling through the downtown core. Unfortunately, that same summer was the year a motorcyclist was nearly decapitated while riding, by kitestring tied across the road. That’s not to discourage anyone from taking a quick ride through the valley. Neither should the cemetery that runs parallel to the valley, which adds to the serenity of the road, if you manage to catch it at a time when there’s no traffic.

If you’re looking for a calm road where you can ride a few kilometers with no interruptions, and a little scenery, this is probably one of very few options we have in the city… but it’s a great option to have.

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