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The Octopus Harley-Davidson: An Exercise In Redundancy

In a recent YouTube video, I shared a unique motorcycle that I’m calling “The Octopus” – a customized Harley-Davidson that embodies the essence of redundancy. The Octopus has a multitude of footpegs, turn signals, headlights, kickstands, and brake levers, this motorcycle showcases an extraordinary level of backup features.

Let’s delve into the details and explore this, peculiar, two-wheeled creation.

watch this video

Watch this video!

A Redundant Marvel: “The Octopus” is a true marvel of redundancy. Its frame is adorned with an abundance of footpegs, exhibiting one, two, three, and four on various sides. This serves not only as a functional arrangement but also adds a distinctive visual appeal to the motorcycle. The redundancy extends to the lighting system, with dual sets of turn signals on both sides, two headlights up front, and two brake lights at the rear, ensuring maximum visibility in all directions.

Unveiling Uniqueness: The owner’s changes didn’t stop at lighting and foot pegs however. He went so far as to add an intriguing surprise – two kickstands, one positioned on each side. This unconventional addition adds an element of ease of use for the rider. Further enhancing its redundancy, “The Octopus” boasts two sets of brake levers, providing redundancy in case of mechanical failure, or should you just want to have your feet in a different position for a while. While lacking a spare tire or spare battery, the presence of a Kickstart mechanism showcases an alternative method of getting the bike in motion, underscoring the commitment to preparedness.

Legacy and Care: The Harley-Davidson motor serves as the foundation for this unique creation. It is notable that this motorcycle has had a single owner throughout its 30 to 40-year existence. The owner, now in his 90s, has dedicated himself to preserving this machine, and wants to keep riding as long as he absolutely can. With this in mind, some modifications, like the two kick stands, make sense, as they’re designed to make life easier for an aging rider.

Customization and Extraordinary Wiring: “The Octopus” stands out not only for its redundancy but also for its extensive customization. The addition of extra lights, both in the front and back, required intricate custom wiring to accommodate the additional electrical components. This creates a challenge when you’re trying to tow the motorcycle and can’t find any solid piece of metal frame to safely strap around, because they are all covered with wires going in every direction.

Embracing the Spirit of Motorcycling: While “The Octopus” may not appeal to everyone’s taste, it represents the spirit of individuality and personal expression that lies at the core of motorcycling. The owner’s dedication to making this motorcycle uniquely his own is commendable, and his passion for riding shines through. It serves as a reminder that in the world of motorcycles, customization and enjoyment go hand in hand. “The Octopus” serves as an inspiration to ride safe, embrace customization, and enjoy the journey on two wheels.

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